For those who love to abuse our world and do not know how to appreciate plants and animals, especially Mother Nature, Lil dicky’s song, and the others who composed it, give us a message to take care of our Mother Earth.

Earth is the title of American rapper Lil Dicky’s 2019 single. The song features vocals from over 30 artists/celebrities from around the world.The lyrics of “Earth” are not centered around saving the planet in any way. Therefore, Dickie and the 30+ artists encourage us to love the Earth and tell the world that Mother Earth is our only home. Earth is our only home, and we must do everything in our power to care for and protect it. It also sheds light on the harmful effects of climate change.

This song is a charity single created with the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to educate people about climate change and help raise funds for environmental causes. Download Earth Lil Dicky, you can alleviate the desecration of our planet and respond with the very reliable software VideoPower YELLOW.

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Watch Earth YouTube Music Video Here!

Method 1: Copy and paste the URL of the song

Step 1: Copy the URL of the song you want to download

Go to the website and select the song you want to download. Simply click to highlight and copy the URL.
download dicky, paste link

Step 2: Paste the copied URL to download the song

Go to the “Download” menu and select “Video to MP3 Converter. A pop-up box will then appear. Paste the URL of the copied music and select the appropriate format and quality. Then click the “Add to Download” option to add it to your download list.
 earth lil dicky, paste link

Step 3: Download the song

Your music will appear in the “Download” area. You can check the progress of your download in the “Downloading” section.
 lil dicky, paste link

Step 4: Stunnin by Curtis Waters Your song download is complete.

When the music finishes, you will automatically be taken to the “Done” section. Right-click on the downloaded music to access other options.
download earth , paste link

Method 2: Recording a song of Lil Dicky

Step 1: Select the format you want to record in

Before you begin recording, make sure you are using the appropriate audio format for your device. To do this, click the “Format” button. A drop-down menu of different formats will appear from which you can choose. Select the appropriate format to continue recording.
1, sound

Step 2: Record your music

Open the software and click the “Record” button to begin recording.
2, format
Then, go to the youtube site and play Stunnin to record immediately. Finally, when recording is complete, return to the recording tool and press the “Stop” button.
download earth lil dicky, sound

Step 3: Now you can listen to the recorded music.

The recorded music will immediately be added to the “Library” where an ID3 tag identifier will attempt to identify the recorded music. More selections are available by right-clicking.
 lil dicky, format


This is a very earthy way of life and I am so glad that we have songs that show what we have to do on this planet. It was also a pleasure to hear the different musicians who performed as animals talk about their role on this planet. Everything about this song is entertaining.

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