NEVER MIND I SAID I WISH YOU’D MIND, released on February 4, 2022, is the latest single from Denise Julia. Upon playback, it is not hard to imagine why this song has a strong following.

From start to finish, this upbeat R&B track sounds like any dreamy journey you can imagine. Denise’s voice is very smooth and airy as she brings out the “boy bye” energy of this song. This breakup song about not wanting to get back together with an ex would be a great addition to any badass’s playlist. Although not a hit immediately after its release, the song slowly but surely attracted listeners and in fact has hundreds of thousands of listeners worldwide.

TikTok was used as the sound more than 25,000 times and social media in general helped make her latest single NVMD a viral hit. To date, NVMD has been streamed over 7.2 million times on Spotify. You can record NVMD Denise Julia using VideoPower YELLOW and add Denise’s songs to a playlist.

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Watch NVMD YouTube Music Video Here!

Record The song of Denise Julia

Step 1: Select a recording format

Prepare to play the music you wish to record through your PC browser, then click the “Record” menu from the software interface to launch the recording function. Click “Format” to select your preferred audio output format.
download nvmd denise julia, format

Step 2: Start Recording

Open the Youtube website and play the NVMD song.
denise julia, link
Return to the software and click the “Record” button to begin recording.
 nvmd, record

Step 3: Play the recorded NVMD music

Once the recording is complete, the recorded file will be automatically added to the “Library”. The music will be automatically detected by the software and placed in its title. Right-click on the audio to see the available options.
download Denise Julia, format


Overall, the combination of the NVMD is from her old roots and, of course, modern R&b like Ariana, Summer Walker, and Sza. It’s mainly a fusion of those worlds, like the 90s and early 2000s and right now. If NVMD has gotten you hooked and you want to hear more of her, Denise suggests you check out Pity Ya next. “It’s gonna give you that ‘I don’t need a man. I can do this with my own energy. So, yeah, it’s just independent vibes”. Check it out and record NVMD Denise Julia.

VideoPower YELLOW helps you record NVMD Denise Julia songs through advanced features when recording music. Its search engine makes it easy to find your favorite music. Its recording feature also allows you to choose your preferred format.

ZEUS can do what the VideoPower YELLOW can do and more with an almost similar interface.
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