YouTube, Download Music from Youtube YouTube is popularly known as the largest streaming website on the internet. It offers unlimited videos to stream and most of us use it as a music service because it contains almost all kinds of music. Also, it becomes popular because whether you sign up or not, you can freely access its contents.

Saving music from Youtube is a bit tricky. Not all songs are downloaded because users can set their videos in private. Additionally, Youtube allows downloading for offline streaming within the Youtube platform. In other words, it cannot be stored in local storage. For easy downloading music from Youtube and saving it to your local storage, a third-party tool like VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS offers its help.

Grab your favorite Youtube videos by using the free trial version below.
The free version of Youtube downloader enables users to download one video/audio at the same time and allows a 1-minute recording duration. To unlock limitations, please upgrade to the full version.

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One of the best YouTube downloaders is VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to It is a music downloader and recorder with many functions. It contains smart feature that can automatically extract ID3 tags from music, including artist, genre, and album information. It also offers a variety of smart feature such as the ability to directly search music using its search engine.

Method 1: Download YouTube Music

Step 1: Copy The Music URL To Download Music From Youtube

Open your internet browser and find the YouTube site. From the web address in the upper bar, copy the music URL to download.

Download Music from YouTube, setup settings

Step 2: Paste The YouTube music URL.

Open VideoPower YELLOW software and go directly to the “Record” menu. Click the “Video to MP3 Converter” button located on the most part of the software. The converter tool opens as a new window then paste the copied URL under the “URL” field box. Then set the format and quality accordingly.

Download Music from YouTube, paste URL

Step 3: Track Youtube Download

The pasted URL will be processed for download that can be tracked under the “Downloading” tab.

grab songs, downloading process

Step 4: Review The Music You Download

When this is done, go to the “Completed” tab to see the downloaded music from YouTube. To see other options, you can right-click on the video file.

grab songs, check the file

Method 2: Get Youtube Music By Recording

Step 1: Set The Desired Music Recording Output Format

Launch VideoPower YELLOW and continue with the “Record” menu. Below, you’ll find the “Format” icon, click it to see all the available audio formats. Then select the appropriate format for your recording.

record songs, choose recording mode

Step 2: System And Microphone Sound Recording (Optional)

VideoPower YELLOW allows overlay of your voice when recording music. To do this, simply click the “Sound” icon below the software then select “Both System Sound and Microphone”. If you just want to record music, select “System Sound” only.

record songs, set microphone

Step 3: Recording Music On YouTube

To start recording music on Youtube, just go to the “Record” menu and find the recording panel control below. Just press the “Record” button to start recording.

record songs, play the music
Then open your web browser with your preferred Youtube music to record. Just press the play button to record it. When the recording is done, just go back to the software and press the “Stop” button.

record songs, start recording

Step 4: Play The Recorded YouTube Video

The recorded files will be added immediately to your “library” when the recording is complete. If the software recognizes the music recorded, the saved file name will be replaced by its original track title. Right-click audio to view additional options, such as playing it, adding it to a playlist, editing it, converting it, using the ID3 tag editor, burning it to the CD, and more pa.

record songs, play recorded music


YouTube is one of the best places to stream endless volumes of music from all genres. It has a huge collection of music in its library. It would also be wonderful to download music from YouTube.

To download YouTube songs, you can get professional help from VideoPower YELLOW. It offers great music download solutions from YouTube. With its advanced feature, you can easily and safely download music from its music archives. For direct download, a search engine is also available. By expanding its functionalities, users will enjoy other useful functions such as Conversion tools, basic video editors, CD Ripping, etc.

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