youtube, 00s Music Download Music is already our partner when we are feeling down, happy, excited, or even wants to be alone. Nowadays, there are many various types of music that can be enticing. It offers a variety of genres to appeal to music fans. Pop, Rock, Metal, HipHop, R&B, EDM, Country, and Indie are quite popular in the late 20th century. In the music industry, more musicians are growing and becoming very popular. Artists may easily make music in an instant since they have a recording firm to aid them in the production of music, unlike in the past.

You can have 00’s music download by streaming to music streaming sites like Youtube. They offer a playlist for you to easily get the amazing 00’s music. The website has already compiled a collection of songs from which you can easily do 00s Musics Download. Expect advertisements to appear on your screen while streaming, as this is the only way they can make money. So, to stop being interrupted, much better to download it using the VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS software.

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Having a VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to on your computer is a fantastic experience, particularly if you enjoy music. This amazing tool is made for those music enthusiasts to easily grab and save their music in an instant. It offers downloading and recording functions. It also has a variety of formats to ensure compatibility with your devices. And if you are looking for audio to text conversion, then this is a perfect fit for you!

Method 1: Download 00’s Music

Step 1: Launch Youtube Site

Open the Youtube site and look for ’00s songs. Once found, copy its URL at the top address bar of the site.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, copy URL

Step 2: Launch the Software

The next thing to do is to open the software, then click the 1. “Download” button on it. To ensure that your music is in MP3 format, click the 2. “Video to MP3 Converter” icon. A new window will appear. In the 3. URL field, paste the copied URL. Make sure you’ve already set the format and quality for high-quality audio before you start downloading. Once everything is in place, click the 4. “Add to Download” button.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, paste URL

Step 3: Downloading Music

Your music will be processed by the software. The music you wish to download will then appear in the “Downloading” section. Keep an eye on this section to see how it’s going.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, downloading

Step 4: Download Music is Complete

Because the song isn’t very long, it will be saved in a matter of minutes. To hear your song, go to the “Completed” tab. Right-click the downloaded file to see more choices.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, download complete

Method 2: Recording the Music

Step 1: Open the Youtube Site- Prepare Music

Go to Youtube and look for music from the 2000s that you wish to record. To ensure that the recording is smooth, click the video to load it for a time.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, prepare music

Step 2: Set the Audio Source

Using this excellent tool, you can choose what sound you’re going to record. Just click the “record” tab then click the “Audio Source” menu. 3 choices will be available such as the System Sound, Microphone, and Both System Sound and Microphone.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, set the audio source

Step 3: Set MP3 Format

To record your music straight to MP3 format, just click the “record” button then click the “format” button at the lower right of the software. Lastly, choose the MP3.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, set mp3 format

Step 4: Start Recording the Music

To record your music, just click the “Record” button. Then head back to the Youtube site and click the “Play” button.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, start recording

Once the recording is over, just click the “Stop” button of the software.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, stop recording

Step 5: Recording 00’s Music is Complete

The software will attempt to recognize the music you’ve recorded. It will then rename to its original title, album, and even the artist’s name after it has been identified. Go to the “library” menu to see your file. Right-click the recorded file to see more options.

00s Music Hits MP3 Download, complete recording


Listening to your favorite music is a wonderful experience, especially when there are no interruptions. The music that has been produced during the ’00s is really nice to hear. You want to reminisce those time and wants to do 00’s music download. Good thing you can save your desired playlist in an instant with the greatness of a powerful tool.

What I am referring to is the VideoPower YELLOW application. This application includes a search engine that allows you to type in an artist’s name and instantly see all of his tracks. This allows you to quickly download all of his tracks. This is awesome news for everyone who is looking for software that will help them in downloading.

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