youtube, download American Music Awards 2021 Many artists aspire to achieve an award especially to where they belong. Just like Oscar’s Award, Grammy Awards, Music Award, American Music Awards, and many more. It is a presentation ceremony recognizing achievements in the industry for a specific year. American Music Award is an award that will be held this coming November 21, 2021, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles to be hosted by Cardi B. It is an award given for musical skills or distinction. The AMAs are broadcast in over 200 nations and territories worldwide. The nominees will be voted by the fans as well as the winners. Of course, the more votes you place for your favorite artist, the more likely they are to win the award.

Head on to their official site American Music Award to see their updates. They also posted the nominees on the said event on Youtube. To watch the video for offline playback, you may do the American Music Awards 2021 Download or American Music Awards 2021 Download free using a third-party tool. Take a look at the nominees and find out if your idol is one of them. You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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Method 1: Download AMA Music

Step 1: Copy the URL

Open the Youtube site and use its search engine to look for American Music Awards 2021 video. When you found it, open the video, highlight its URL from the top address bar, and copy it. You may also use the “CTRL+C” shortcut to copy its URL.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied URL

Launch the software then click the 1.”Download” tab button. Click immediately the 2. “Video to MP3 Converter” button for a new window to appear. Inside the 3. URL box, paste the copied URL you want to be downloaded. Lastly, once all set, click the “Add to Download” button.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, copy URL

Step 3: Downloading

The music file will be downloaded by the software. Wait for a few minutes to be completed. Click the “Downloading” button to check your file.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, downloading

Step 4: Completed

Once downloading is completed, click the “Completed” tab to check the downloaded music. Right-click the file to see more options.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, download complete

Method 2: Recording

Step 1: Set the Recording Format

Set the recording format before you begin recording. To do this, open the software then click the “Record” menu. Click immediately the “Format” button and choose your preferred recording format.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, set format

Step 2: Begin Recording

The software is now ready for recording. Click the “Record” button of the software. A musical note will appear on your screen that indicates the recording has just started. Return immediately to the Youtube site and click the “Play” button of the music.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, start recording

Once the music is done, head back immediately to the software and click the “Stop” button to end the recording.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, stop recording

Step 3: Complete Recording

After clicking the “Stop” button, your music will be added to the “Library” section. The software will then try to identify the music recorded and extract its music’s information. It will rename the recorded file according to its original track title.

American Music Awards 2021 Download, complete recording


The American Music Award is annually awarded to those artists who have gained high votes at the end of counting duration. This award is given to showcase achievements made by the industry recording artists. So, for those fans who haven’t voted yet, nows your time to cast your votes to your idols. Do the American Music Awards 2021 Download for you to be updated.

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