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Bandcamp is a website that was created for artists and music labels to upload and control how they sell their music to the public. It’s a free platform where you can listen and upload music for free. They offer premium to allow private streaming, batch uploads and deeper stats. This all sounds great, but if you want to stream bandcamp music offline you’ll need amazing software to get your sound fix.

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ZEUS Lite for Windows Free Download

How to Use BandCamp Music Downloader

This method is applicable to ZEUS BUNDLE and ZEUS MUSIC.

Step 1: Go To BandCamp

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube. Select the music or playlist you want to download.

bandcamp music downloader, bandcamp website

Step 2: Prepare Music Recorder Bandcamp Music

Launch ZEUS BAND LITE, go to the “Music” tab and click the “Record” section.

bandcamp music downloader, music recorder

Step 3: Adjust Audio Settings

Ensure that the audio settings are set at “system sound” to avoid external noises from your microphone.

bandcamp music downloader, music recorder

Step 4: Adjust audio format

Next to the audio setting is the audio file format, click it open to select which file you would like for your file to save as.

ZEUS, music recorder

Step 5: Record Bandcamp Music

Once your audio settings are set, begin recording by pressing the record button. Play the Bandcamp playlist in the background, so it can capture the audio. Below you’ll see a control panel where you can stop, pause and even adjust the volume as you record.

ZEUS, music recorder

Step 6: Open File

After recording, an icon will show the track you just recorded. Open the folder location to see where it was saved.

open file, music download

ZEUS will automatically save the title, artist, and album by auto-detection.

Folder, music download


Bandcamp gives the freedom for artists and listeners to appreciate music online. But being able to appreciate music everywhere offline can be a great way to share your discoveries with your friends and family.

That’s why ZEUS is an exceptional Bandcamp music downloader since it let’s you enjoy your music while you download it for later. It’s a brilliant software that offers video and music services. You can download by using links, recording, and convert files from MP# to WAV to FLV and more!

Use this Bandcamp music downloader and enjoy, your day with amazing songs from talented artists while you work, study or do your chores!