youtube, Big Hit Music Audition Many famous artists have sprung up nowadays and BTS is one of them. Whether young or old knows who they are. This group belongs to Bighit Entertainment. Big Hit Music was once known as Big Hit Entertainment in South Korea, and it is a well-known talent producer. The company and founder of this company is Bang Si-Hyuk. This company produces world-class performances like BTS, TXT, Lee Hyun, Baek Chan, Joo Hee, and many more. Now, since this company is getting bigger, they are having a Big Hit Music Audition for new male trainees all over the world.

Go over to their page and you will see the video of the boy group BTS telling the qualifications and what are the steps to apply. Those who are interested to apply may pass their video on the Big Hit’s official site between October 18 and December 20. This is your chance to become an idol. Try it now and expose your hidden talent. To help you remember the criteria and qualifications in Big Hit Music Audition 2021, you should download and record the video that has been posted on their page. You should use an alternative tool to do this so that you may have a chance to pass the Big Hit Universal Music Audition.

You can try to to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to will help you download and record the video from YouTube. You can also use this tool to save the music you’re going to use for an audition. Hurry! And don’t waste this precious time given to you.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Video URL to Download

Step 1: Copy URL to Download

Using your PC browser, open the Youtube site and search for Big Hit Music Audition 2021. Once you found the video, click it and copy its URL.

Big hit Music Audition, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied URL

To download your file, open the VideoPower YELLOW application then click the “Download” tab. On the upper-right of the software, click the “Video to MP3 Converter” icon. A new window will pop up. Paste the copied URL inside the URL box. Make sure you set the quality and format you want for your download. Lastly, hit the “Add to Download” button to begin downloading.

Big hit Music Audition, paste URL

Step 3: Check the Downloading Process

Once you click the “Add to Download” button, your file will be redirected to another window. Click the “Downloading” button to see your downloads.

music, audio, youtube playlist

Step 4: Play your Downloaded File

Once the download is complete, click the “Completed” icon to see your file. Right-click the file to see more options for your downloaded music.

music, audio, youtube music playlist

Method 2: Steps on How to Use Record Function

Step 1: Select Recording Format

To ensure a smooth recording, set the recording format before you record your music. To do this, open the software and click the “Record” button. At the lower-right of your screen, click the “Format” menu and select the format you want to use for recording.

videopower yellow, set recording format

Step 2: Play and Stop Recording

To record your music, prepare first the music you want to record. Then go back to the software and click the “Record” button. Once you click it, return to the website of your music and click the “Play” button to have it recorded.

youtube, start recording

Head back to the software and click the “Stop” button to end your recording.

videopower yellow, stop recording

Step 3: Playback Your Recorded File

Your music will be processed by the software, and once you’ve finished recording, it will be redirected to the “Library” section. When you right-click the recorded file, you will see a list of options available such as Play, Add to Playlist, Search, and so on.

vpy, recording complete


Big Hit is an entertainment who dearly love their trainee and employee. You will be blessed when you will be part of their family. Since they are having Big Hit Music Audition, grab this opportunity now so you won’t regret it.

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