Blackpink, BLACKPINK Ready For Love downloadBLACKPINK has released new songs for the world to enjoy, and we are here for yet another blockbuster. ‘BLACKPINK X PUBG MOBILE 2022 IN-GAME CONCERT: [THE VIRTUAL]’ is the first virtual concert from the girl group’s collaborative initiative. The in-game virtual concert included Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa’s 3D avatars doing a unique performance that was also shown during the game. As previously announced by agency YG Entertainment, ‘Ready to Love‘ is every bit the BLACKPINK style that people have come to know and love over the years. As the music invades your senses, its pop bursting with a quick speed decrease is heightened by the game’s visuals. The lyrics of the song speak about not giving up in one’s pursuit of love, and the song has the signature BLACKPINK sound that has won fans over.

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Method 1: BLACKPINK Ready For Love Download via Converter

Step 1: Copy Music Video URL

Using your computer browser, open the BLACKPINK X PUBG MOBILE – ‘Ready For Love’ M/V music video. Copy the URL from the address bar.

blackpink x pubg mobile music video, prepare music to download

Step 2: Convert Video URL to MP3

Go to the “Download” menu of VideoPower YELLOW. Click the “Online Video to MP3” to start extracting the video URL into MP3.

Then, paste the URL into the address bar. Set the audio format to “MP3” and for high-quality MP3 downloads, set quality to “High”. Click “Add to Download” if done.

blackpink ready for love download, online audio to mp3 converter

Step 3: K-Pop Song Downloading in Progress

Your music is now in the process of converting to MP3. Wait for it to finish converting.

blackpink ready for love download, online music to mp3

Step 4: K-Pop Song Download Complete

The downloaded music is added under the “Completed” tab once it finishes downloading. Double-click to play the music or right-click to see more options available.

download, downloading complete

Method 2: BLACKPINK Ready For Love Download through Recording Audio

Step 1: Set Sound Input & Output Format

Open VideoPower YELLOW and go to the “Record” menu. At the bottom, click the “Audio Source” icon and select “System Sound”.

blackpink ready for love, set sound input

Click the “Format” icon (beside the “Audio Source” icon) and select “MP3” from the option list.

blackpink ready for love audio, set output format

Step 2: Start Recording!

Once you modify your recording settings, you can start your recording. Click the “Record” button to start recording.

pubg mobile song download, click record

Step 3: Play the Video to Record Music

Switch to the BLACKPINK X PUBG MOBILE – ‘Ready For Love’ M/V music video and click the “Play” button for it to be recorded.

music video blackpink x pubg, play music to record

Go back to VideoPower YELLOW. The recording is in the process when you see music notes floating when the music plays. Click “Pause” if necessary or click “Stop” to end the recording.

2022 pubg mobile music, audio recording in session

Step 4: Manage K-Pop Song Recording

Once the recording is completed, the recorded music is added under the “Library” menu. You can manage the recorded file by double-clicking to play or right-clicking to see more options.

music from pubg and blackpink, recording complete


The two-year hiatus of BLACKPINK has come to an end. As if the immensely successful K-Pop group’s new song “Ready For Love” wasn’t exciting enough, their label, YG Entertainment, bragged that it would be their most costly video to date. Now that it’s out, people who have seen it 9.5 million times agree that Lisa, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo did not disappoint.

Fans can expect lots more Blackpink soon: YG Entertainment has guaranteed that their second album will be released in August, as well as the start of “a continuous large-scale project” that would go until the end of 2022. Furthermore, Blackpink will embark on an international tour, which the label claims will be the largest for a K-Pop female group to date. Thanks to this, BLACKPINK Ready For Love audio is conveniently attainable.

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