youtube, Chroma Music Video Download Since music has evolved over time, musicians, songwriters, and producers are putting in every effort to create a song that will be well received by music fans. There is also a music corporation that produces world-class music and provides amusement and promotions for new music releases, such as Chroma. Chroma is a Los Angeles-based music label that has won numerous awards. It composes original music and sound design for a wide range of media, with a particular emphasis on motion picture advertising. Its music has been featured in some of the most well-known film campaigns, commercials, video games, and television commercials. We strive on producing premier industry releases in addition to servicing our clients’ particular demands. Its mission is to continue to provide creative partners with a diverse range of creative solutions. If you wanna hear some of their songs and music videos, you may visit their social media accounts like Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, and Apple Music. If you want to listen to it offline, you better do a Chroma Music Video download and seek the help of a Chroma music video downloader like VideoPower RED or ZEUS software.

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The software that will help you in downloading for more than 1000+ sites is the VideoPower RED (will jump to This tool can be used easily easily since its functions are well-organized. It has an auto-detect function, screen recording, and even an editing feature for basic editing.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Video URL

Step 1: Copy the Video URL
Launch to any streaming site of Chroma and search for the music video you want to download. On this page, we’ll use the Youtube site as an example. Then, at the top address bar, copy its URL.

Note: This method is the same process in any streaming site.

Chroma Music Video Download, copy URL
Step 2: Paste the Video URL
To paste the copied URL, just open the VideoPower RED application and click the “Download” button. Click immediately the “+Paste URL” button to download it automatically.

Chroma Music Video Download, paste URL
Step 3: Music Video Downloading
Keep an eye on the progress of your file. To see how fast or sluggish your downloads are, go to the “Downloading” menu.

chroma song, downloading
Step 4: Enjoy Listening to your Music
Once you have successfully downloaded your desired music video, it will be sent to the “Completed” section. Check your file in this section. You may also right-click the file to see more options available.

Chroma Music Video Download, download complete

Method 2: Screen Recording

Step 1: Search Chroma Music
Go to the Youtube site and search for any Chroma music. Click the music video and have it load for a few minutes.

save chroma music, prepare music
Step 2: Set Recording Format
Immediately open the software and click the “Record” menu. Under it, click the “Record” button. A list of options such as Region, Fullscreen, Around Mouse, Web Camera, and Only Audio will display.

save chroma music, choose recording format

Once you select the format for recording, another window will display on your screen. Click the “OK” button, another window will appear asking you if you are ready for recording then hit the “OK” button for a countdown to follow.

record music, ok button
Step 3: Begin to Record the Music Video
Once the countdown is over, simply return to the Youtube site and click the “Play” button of the video to have it recorded. Use the control taskbar of the software to pause or stop the recording.

record music, start recording
Step 4: Screen Recording is Complete
Once the recording is done, the recorded file will be saved instantly to your recording list. Right-click the file for more options.

chroma recording, complete recording


Chroma music is such a nice site to visit. This site secures that they make original music and sound design for all its users. It also offers the latest music and movies for you to enjoy. Hundreds of music albums are already prepared for you to easily access your favorite music.

Just like Chrome, VideoPower RED is such a nice tool to have if you are a music enthusiast. This tool will allow you to do Chroma Music Video Download in an instant. You have no reason not to download the songs you desire because this tool has a built-in screen recording feature.

ZEUS can do what the VideoPower RED can do and more with an almost similar interface.
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