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Country music-lovers all wait for a special night when their favorite country singers are together having some fun. This November, Country Music Awards 2021 was awaited by many country-music fans. The CMA Awards nominees and winners are determined by more than 7,300 professional members from the industry of the Country Music Association.

This year’s CMA Award was full of star-studded guests and performers. The Country Music Awards 2021 winner was given to Chris Stapleton who took home six trophies. Aside from this, the show wowed country music with great performers like Chris Stapleton together with Jennifer Hudson. You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools for an offline copy.

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Method 1: Country Music Awards 2021 Performance in MP3

Step 1: Copy URL

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Step 2: Paste URL

Open your VideoPower YELLOW and on the (1) Download Tab, click the (2) Video to Mp3 Converter on the top right side of the software.

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When everything is set for download, click (4) Add to Download to start.

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Step 3: Downloading

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Step 4: MP3 Download Complete

The download is now complete. Double click the file to auto-play using the built-in audio player.

country music awards 2021, youtube, mp3 download

Method 2: Recording Country Music Awards 2021 Performance

Step 1: Prepare Video Source

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Step 2: Begin Recording

Open VideoPower YELLOW and click on the Record Tab. Then, click the Record button (red button) to start recording. After this, immediately go back to your browser and play the music video.
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Step 3: Record Complete.

When the video is finished, click the stop button on the Recording Tab. It will automatically save the recorded files as Track. You can also see your recorded track by clicking the Library Tab.

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The Country Music Awards is an annual gathering and award show for country music artists. Held every November, the awards show is packed with talented celebrities and artists. This annual celebration is also a wait-long moment for country-music fans to see their favorite artists enjoy and receive awards they perfectly deserve.

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