Creepy Nuts” is a Japanese Hip Hop unit which consists of R-Shitei and DJ Matsunaga. They made their debut in 2017 at Sony Music, and released their latest work “To us who were once geniuses” in August 2020. Music aside, they also worked in commercials, variety shows, dramas and radio. “Creepy Nuts All Night Nippon 0″ and TV Asahi “Ignut !!” are a Nippon Broadcasting System where they appear regularly.

Who is R-Shitei and Dj Matsunaga?

R-Shitei is a rapper from Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. He wrote for other projects, participated in rap battles and events to create a name for himself. At Japan’s highest peak MC battle, ULTIMATE MC BATTLE, he got 5 consecutive victories in the Osaka tournament, and won the 2012, 2013, 2014 national tournament UMB GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP. By 2014, he released his first 1st album, Second Opinion. The songs he creates deal with a wide range of topics and different approaches from a unique perspective.

DJ Matsunaga is a Japanese DJ from Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture. He won at “DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019” which is the world’s largest DJ competition held in London, England, earning the title best DJ in the world. Notable appearances where at the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, many TV and radio programs, and in Bungei Shunju’s “Bungakukai”.

They released their New Album “Case” on September 1, 2021. You can find their songs and other videos like documentaries in their Youtube channel. Do a Creepy Nuts download with ZEUS SERIES to keep up with the HipHop duo.

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Method 1: Copy and Paste Creepy Nuts URL

Step 1: Set Download Type

Launch ZEUS SERIES and open the “Download” menu. Set the download format by clicking the download icon and choose your preferred download type. In this case, we’ll be using the video option.

creepy nuts download, set format

Step 2: Copy the video Creepy Nuts URL

Using your PC browser, go to the streaming site and search for your Creepy Nuts video. Once you found the video, copy the url on the top address bar.

creepy nuts download, copy url

Step 3: Paste the copied Creepy Nuts video URL

Proceed to the “Download” menu then click the “+Paste URL” button. Your video will automatically start downloading under the “Downloading” tab.

Zeus Series, paste video url

Step 4: Video download is completed

When the downloading process is completed, the downloaded file will be transferred automatically under the “Completed” tab. To see more options, just right-click the video file downloaded.

Zeus Series, download video

Method 2: Playlist Batch Creep Nuts Download

Step 1: Copy the Playlist’s URL

Go to your PC browser and search for a Creepy Nuts playlist that you want to download. Copy the playlist URL on your browser bar.

creepy nuts download, copy playlist video URL

Step 2: Paste the copied Playlist’s URL

Then go to ZEUS Series software, and click the “+Paste URL” button under the “Download” menu.

Zeus Series, Paste Playlist URL

Step 3: Select videos from the playlist to download

A new window will display all videos that the playlist contains. Select the videos you want to download by clicking the check box of each video or click the box with the “Select All” option at the bottom. Once your preferred videos are selected, click the “Add to download” button to start downloading.

Batch download, select videos from playlist

Step 4: Downloading playlist’s videos

All videos selected will be added to the downloading queue in the “Downloading” tab where you can check the progress.

Batch playlist, downloading playlist videos

Step 5: Playlist’s download completed

When downloading processes are complete, it will automatically transfer under the “Completed” tab. Right-click to see more options like Play, Open Folder, etc.

finished, download playlist complete


Creepy Nuts is a hip hop duo that you shouldn’t miss. They’re fun to listen to and they create really good music that’ll have you playing it on repeat. You can also see their personality shine through in their Youtube videos. Do a Creepy Nuts download with ZEUS SERIES to watch music videos and behind the scenes content.

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