youtube, dangdut indonesia mp3 download Whenever you go, you can hear wonderful songs from different countries. There are songs today that have become popular not only in their country but also around the world. One of them is the Indonesian Music- Dangdut Music. This is a popular music genre in Indonesia that combines local music traditions with Indian and Malaysian film music as well as Western rock. Rhoma Irama, branded as the “King of Dangdut,” is one of the most well-known Dangdut musicians and vocalists. Listening to his music might help you relax and find inner peace. Its beat and harmony will assist you to release your stress. He also has a lovely voice that you will surely love.

Come and stream to your favorite site to do the Dangdut Indonesia mp3 download. The Youtube site offers Dangdut music by Rhoma Irama. So, if you haven’t heard his song yet, better do it now to find peace in your heart. In any msuic streaming site you cannot avoid ads while streaming. Instead of finding tranquility while listening to his music, you will become irritated because commercials may appear, disrupting your relaxation. So, the best thing for you to do is you will add this music to your track using a third-party tool like the VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS.

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With the use of the software’s free trial version, you will be able to download and record a song for up to one minute. Kindly upgrade to the latest version to continue downloading and recording.

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With the greatness function of the VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to application, searching your music and downloading it instantly is possible. This software has a built-in search engine for you to easily search for your favorite playlist and download it without delay. You may also do Dangdut Indonesia mp3 free download using the copy and paste URL method of the software. Recording the music is available also on this tool.

Download Music Using Search Engine

Step 1: Open the Software

Simply open the VideoPower YELLOW application and click the “Search” menu. Then, using the search bar, type the title of the song you want to be downloaded. Wait for a few seconds. The software will then display the music you are looking for.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, search music

Step 2: Download the Music

Then, click the “download” button to immediately download the music.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, download music

Note: You may also put a check inside the box and click the “Add to Download” button at the lower right of the software to begin downloading.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, download music

Step 3: Music is Added to Queue

Click the “Download” button and then click the “Downloading” icon. You will see the progress of your downloads in this section.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, downloading

Step 4: Music Download is Completed

Once you cannot see the file in the “Downloading” section, it only means that the file is downloaded successfully. Just click the “Completed” tab to see your file. Right-click it right away to see more options available.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, download complete

Method 2: Record the Dangdut Music

Step 1: Prepare the Music

Hop on to the site that offers Dangdut music. Then choose any dangdut music by Rhoma Irama. Prepare the music for recording.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, prepare the music

Step 2: Choose the Format

To choose the recording format that is suitable for your device, just click the “Record” button of the software. Click immediately the “Format” menu to choose the desired format for recording.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, choose a format

Step 3: Initiate Recording

To begin recording, just click the “record” button of the software.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, click the record button

Then head back to the music you prepared a while ago and click the “Play” button of the music to begin recording.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, play music

Once the recording is done, kindly return to the software and click the “Stop” button. You may also pause the recording if necessary.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, stop recording

Step 4: Recording Music is Completed

Once you hit the stop button of the software, it will be saved immediately. Using the ID3 tag identifier of the tool, it will try to identify the music you recorded, once identified, it will rename it to its original track. Double-click the recorded file to listen to your music.

dangdut indonesia mp3 download, complete recording


When it comes to producing beautiful and relaxing songs, Indonesian music- Dangdut Music will not be left behind especially the music of Rhoma Irama. His songs are really great that you need to do the Dangdut Indonesia MP3 download.

Good things, a software with packed of great features in downloading and recording was created. VideoPower YELLOW is a handy tool and a user-friendly software for everybody. This tool will not let you down in making your playlist. It is also a tool that you can use if you want to stream your music for offline playback.

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