Ado is a Japanese singer who made her debut with the digital single titled “Usseewa” in 2020. The young seventeen year old’s song peaked at the number 1 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100, Oricon Digital Singles Chart, Oricon Streaming Chart, and Spotify Viral 50 Japan. She posts her songs on her Youtube channel, and her song reached millions of views after its release. The artist management company Cloud Nine, currently represents her to grow her music career.

Her song became a social phenomenon dominating the Japanese music streaming sites months after its release. The song’s lyrics criticizes society’s “common sense”, with her speaking on behalf of the members of society who are dissatisfied and angry. The title and catchphrase of the song, “Usseewa” means “Shut up” in Japanese slang.

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Method 1: Copy and Paste Ado Usseewa URL

Step 1: Copy the Ado Usseewa video URL

Using your PC browser, open Youtube and search for the Ado Usseewa video then copy its URL from the top address bar.

download Ado Usseewa, copy the video url

Step 2: Set the Download Type to Audio for Ado Usseewa

Launch the ZEUS Series software and set the Download Type to Audio by clicking the “Download Type” icon under the “Download” menu screen then select “Audio” from the option. The audio download type will automatically download the video straight to MP3 format.

Zeus Series, set download type to audio

Step 3: Paste the copied Useewa URL

Start the download by clicking the “+Paste URL” button under the “Download” menu. The video will then be processed to download under the “Downloading” tab.

download Ado Usseewa, paste the copied url

Step 4: Download complete

Once the download is completed, it will be automatically transferred under the “Completed” tab. Right-click the downloaded file to see more options such as Play, Open Folder, etc.

finished, download complete

Method 2: Use the Music’s Online Video to Audio Tool

Step 1: Copy the Ado Usseewa video URL

Go to your PC browser and open the Ado Usseewa you prefer to download then copy its URL on the top address bar.

download Ado Usseewa, copy the video url

Step2: Paste URL to the Online Video to Audio Tool

Go to your ZEUS software and head to the “Music” menu. Click the “Download” tab and open the “Online Video to Audio” tool.

Zeus Series, open online video to audio tool

A new window will open for the Online Video to Audio tool. By default, the download format is set to “MP3”. Paste the copied URL and click the “Add to Download” button to proceed with the download process.

Zeus Series, paste the video url

Step 3: Music downloading Ado Usseewa

Once added to download, the tool will then process to extract and download the song from the video. You can check the download progress under the “Downloading” section.

download Ado Usseewa, start downloading

Step 4: Download complete

Once the download process is completed, the downloaded music file will be transferred automatically under the “Completed” section. Right click the downloaded music file to see more options such as Play, Remove, Add to Playlist etc.

finished, download complete


Youth is all about exploring your individuality, and questioning authority. Usseewa is an excellent song that currently represents the youth of today. Download Ado Usseewa with ZEUS SERIES.

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