Gaana, Gaana Downloader Amazon is one of the biggest five companies in the United States when it comes to the information technology industry along with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook. It is branded as one of the most valuable brands in the world and influential economic and cultural forces.

The company focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, and digital streaming. With the help of this site, businessmen are able to post and promote their products. Through this, they can gain extra income by using this technology. You can promote your products because many people are visiting this site, and they also deliver your packages that really meet customer’s expectations.

Some may ask, can we download amazon prime music for free or can you download Amazon music for free? The answer is no unless you are a member of Amazon Prime Music. You can download the purchased music to your phone or computer using its alternative ways to download. With the help of this tool, you will learn how to download Amazon Music for Free legally.

You can try to to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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With the free trial edition of it, you can download and record any songs on different websites. Upgrade to the full version so you can download as much as you want.

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ZEUS for Windows Free Download

VideoPower YELLOW is a tool that you can truly rely on when it comes to getting your favorite kinds of music. Using the advanced feature of this tool, you may be able to record any music from different sites and modify the formats you like. You can set the audio source of your recording. With the use of the audio source function, your recording can use the both sound system and microphone wherein you can sing along while recording. Indeed, this tool is a unique tool, unlike the others.

Method 1: Using Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Copy Music’s URL to Download from Amazon

Using your PC, go to the Youtube site and search for the video you want to download then copy its URL.

download Amazon music for free, copy music’s URL

Step 2: Paste URL to Download from Amazon

Open VideoPower YELLOW application then click the “Download” tab. You will be redirected to a new window. On the top right of the software, click the “Video to MP3 Converter” icon then a new window will display. Under the URL, there is a box where you are going to paste the copied URL. Once done, click the “Add to Download” button to begin downloading.

Note: Once the “Add to Download” button did not change its color to the color blue, it means you’re not allowed to download it. Use another site like DailyMotion, Youtube, and VEVO.

download Amazon music for free, paste music’s URL

Step 3: Downloading Amazon Music

Once you click the “Add to Download” button, your video will be downloaded immediately. You can see it under the “Downloading” tab. With the use of the ID3 Tag Identifier, the software will immediately extract music’s information.

download Amazon music for free, downloading music

Step 4: Enjoy your Music Offline

Your downloaded music is now complete. To see your download click the “Completed” tab beside the “Downloading” icon. You may enjoy your music offline by double-clicking the downloaded file.

download Amazon music for free, downloading music complete

Method 2: Record Amazon Music For Offline Listening

Step 1: Set to MP3 Format

To use the record function of the software, click the “Record” button then set the format to MP3. To do so, just click the “Format” menu then select the “MP3.

download Amazon music for free, set format

Step 2: Get Ready for Recording

Prepare the music you want to record then click the “Record” button of the software. Go back to the site where you prepared your music then click the “Play” button of the video. Once music is playing, the software will immediately record the music coming from the site.

download Amazon music for free, start recording

Once the music is done, you can click the “Stop” button of the software to end the recording.

download Amazon music for free, stop recording

Step 3: Recoding Amazon is Complete

‘You can enjoy your recording once it’s done. To look for it, go to the “Library” menu and all of your downloads can be seen in this section. Right-click the file for more options to display.

download Amazon music for free, complete recording


Amazon is a site where you can stream and buy all your favorite music. On this site, you will be able to get the music you’re looking for. It has a one-month free trial version to try their site. However, once it’s over you need to pay for it.

Good thing, VideoPower YELLOW comes to the rescue. You can download, record, and convert music as much as you want. Using this tool you can easily download Amazon music for free. You can also modify your music because it will allow you to create your own playlist where you can put your songs depending on their genre.

ZEUS series can do everything that VideoPower YELLOW can do and more, the interface is almost the same.
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