Maximilian’s “Beautiful Scars” topped the Philippine charts last year and became a triple platinum single with over 45 million streams on Spotify in 2020 alone. It’s a fitting renewal of 2020’s self-love anthem as we head into the new year.

Back in 2019, Danish artist Maximilian released “Beautiful Scars,” a soulful, alternative pop track dedicated to “all those people who don’t feel good enough at times.” Described as “a song for anyone who needs a little encouragement every day,” Maximilian wrote the song to remind listeners and herself to love themselves as much as they love those closest to them. We all have beautiful scars and can relate to this song in some way. It helps us when we need it.

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Watch Beautiful Scars YouTube Music Video Here!

Method 1: Copy/paste the song link address into the VideoPower YELLOW application to download the song.

Step 1: Go to the Music Video page and copy the link address.

Open the YouTube site and copy the link address of the song you want to download.
download beautiful scars, copy video url

Step 2: Paste the video link address into the application.

Click “video to mp3 converter” on the “Download” function screen.
, paste link
Paste the link address and click “Add to Download.
, paste link

Step 3: Start downloading music videos

The “Download” tab allows you to download music videos and convert them to MP3
, paste link

Step 4: Download and Conversion Complete

Find the file on the “COMPLETED” tab of the download screen and right-click on the file to see additional options for file management
download maximillian, paste link

Method 2: Record using the application.

Step 1: Configure the “Audio” input.

On the main screen of Video Power Yellow, click the “Audio Input” icon and select an option.
download maximillian, sound

Step 2: Select a format

Click on the format icon, then click on mp3, the most common format for songs.
, format

Step 3: Start recording.

Click the Record button to begin recording.
Download Beautiful scars, record
Click the play button on the video you want to play and VideoPowerYelow will record the song.
download beautiful scars, sound

Step 4: Recording Complete

When the recording is complete, the file is automatically placed in the library.
download maximillian, sound


When I first heard “beautiful scars” I instantly wanted to sing it! Maximilian’s song perfectly describes how I feel right now. Maximilian’s lyrics in “Beautiful Scars” are very powerful. It is about accepting your past and using it as a blessing, a good path to reach your life goals and dreams, instead of making it your enemy.

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