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Bill and Ted Face the Music is an American sci-fi comedy film released in 2020. In previous films Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, this is the third film in the Bill and Ted series directed by Dean Parisot and written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon.

The actors for Bill, Ted and the Grim Reaper reprise their roles; Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, and William Sadler, respectively. Kristen Schaal, Samara Weaving, Brigette Lundy-Paine, Anthony Carrigan, Erinn Hayes, Jayma Mays, Holland Taylor, Kid Cudi, Jillian Bell and Beck Bennett joined the film cast.

The premise of the film is that our two protagonists must write a song that will unite humanity before space-time breaks. The movie has a theater and release of Premium VOD in the US on August 28,2020. If you want to watch the new installation from this funny legend online and stream it or download Bill and Ted Face The Music for a seamless offline watch.

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Note: Use Ctrl + Alt + E to show/hide the toolbar.

Bill and Ted Face The Music, screen recording

Step 4: Bill and Ted Recording Is Over

You can hit the stop record once the video is over, and you’ll see your finished recording on the “Record” tab.

Bill and Ted Face The Music, saved the recording


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