Gaana, Gaana Downloader Blurred Lines Music Video was sung by a Canadian-American singer, Robin Thicke. His album was released on March 26, 2013. During those times, this song made Thicke popular because it reached the Number 1 spot in the US Billboard Hot 100. This music was also nominated in the 56th Annual Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album. Music enthusiasts criticized this song and claimed it is copyrighted and its lyrics are violent that promote date rape. However, nothing can beat its popularity during those times even now.

This music is available on Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music, and VEVO. As we’ve all known, these sites will only allow users to tune in to their songs but never download. To continue listening to their music, you must subscribe to one of their Premium bundles. If you want to download Blurred Lines Music Video, you need a tool to help you. Downloading and Recording music is the specialty of this tool. Using an alternative way for grabbing your music is a must to enjoy listening to your tracks.

You can try to to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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Using its free trial version will allow you to download and record one song for up to one minute. You need to upgrade it to the full for batch downloading.

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VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to is an application where you can download and record songs simultaneously. You don’t need to worry about paying and subscribing just to listen to your favorite tracks since this tool will really release you from dullness. This tool is a malware-free tool so downloading will not harm your computer. It also has a lot of functions that you will surely enjoy.

Method 1: Copy and Paste URL to Download

Step 1: Copy Music’s URL

Open the Youtube website and search “Blurred Lines Music Video”. At the top address bar, highlight the URL then copy it.

Step 2: Paste Music’s URL

To begin downloading, open the software and click the 1. “Download” tab. Then click the 2. “Video to MP3 Converter” icon. 3. Paste inside the box the URL you copied. Lastly, click the 4. “Add to Download” button for your video to be downloaded.

download blurred lines music video, paste URL

Step 3: Music Downloading

Your music is now in the queue. To see its progress, click the “Downloading” tab of the software. You may notice that it was already renamed according to its original track, that is because of the ID3 tag function of the software.

download blurred lines music video, music downloading

Step 4: Downloading Music is Complete

After a few minutes, downloading is complete. It is really easy to get any music you want using this tool. To look for your downloads, click the “Completed” tab. You may also right-click the file for more options.

download blurred lines music video, music downloading complete

Method 2: How to do Recording Music?

Step 1: Set Recording Format to MP3

Before you record, make sure to set the recording format to MP3 first. To do this, open the software and click the “Record” button. Click immediately the “Format” menu and select the MP3.

download blurred lines music video, set format to MP3

Step 2: Set Audio Source

See to it that before you proceed to record, you set its Audio Source. To do so, click the “Record” menu then click the “Audio Source” you have three choices to choose. Either System Sound, Microphone, or both System Sound and Microphone. Using this function the recording will only record the song playing on your PC.

download blurred lines music video, set audio source

Step 3: Begin to Record

All are set, you may now begin recording your music. Prepare the music on the Youtube site and then return to the software to click the “Record” button. Once done, go back to the site and hit the “Play” button of the music. The software will immediately record the music playing.

download blurred lines music video, play music to record

Once done recording, hit the “Stop” button of the software.

download blurred lines music video, stop recording

Step 4: Recording Music Complete

The software will get the information of the music and will rename the recorded file to its original track. You can see your file under the “Library” section of the software. For more options, right-click the recorded file.

download blurred lines music video, music record complete


Blurred Lines music was written to dedicate it to his wife. Many years have passed but still, it became popular again this time. Though many accusations and controversy about this song, many people still stream it.

VideoPower YELLOW can lend you a hand in downloading blurred lines music videos. You have a lot of options to choose from simply to download this song. It comes with tons of features that will allow you to discover and obtain the music you desire. Searching for music is simple with this application since it has its own search engine for downloading music from different websites.

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