youtube, Radio City Music Hall PerformancesCBC or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a Federal Crown corporation funded by the government. It is designed for both television and radio and it’s available for everyone since it’s a public broadcasting service. Their website houses a few networks that can peak anyone’s interest.

Networks like CBC News Network, Ici RDI, and Ici ARTV provide news outlets delivering the latest events happening in the world and Canadian centered events. Since Canadian French is prominent some of these networks are specialized in that language.

You can try to to use VideoPower RED or ZEUS as downloading tools.

Download cbc music from CBC Music by using the free trial version VideoPower RED below!

With the free trial version, users are limited to download one video/audio at a time and can record up to 3 mins. To lift all limitations, you can upgrade to the full version.

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VideoPower RED (will jump to is a user-friendly video software where you can download, record, and convert videos. Download videos through links or auto-detection, or record them directly from your screen for offline streaming. Convert videos to suit your media player or video editor.

Method 1: Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Copy the CBC music video URL

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and look for a video that you want to watch. Copy the link from the browser.

download cbc music, copy URL

Step 2: Paste CBC music video URL

Launch Videopower RED and go to the “Download” menu. Click the “Paste URL” button to paste the copied link. It’ll queue up in the “Downloading” tab.

download cbc music, paste link

Step 3: Completed CBC Video Download

Go to the “Completed” tab once the downloading is done.

download cbc, saved download

Method 2: Audio Record CBC Music

Step 1: Set the audio

Select the “Record” menu on your VideoPower RED. On the system audio button, set the audio to system sound to avoid external noises. You don’t need your external microphone to record an episode.

cbc music, audio settings

Step 2: Set the record

On the record button, set it to your preferred option like region or full screen.

download cbc, record settings

Step 3: Begin recording

A box will appear in front of your screen asking if everything is ready to go. Press ok and a countdown will begin. Be sure that your screen is at the video to capture and record everything. A control panel will appear on your screen showing how much you’ve recorded.

cbc music, screen recording

Step 4: Finished recording

You can hit the stop record once the video is finished, and you’ll find your finished recordings in the record tab.

cbc music, saved recording


Canada is the home of various artists like Drake, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne and many more. CBC Music provides a platform for those kinds of artists to reach the public’s ears. The public availability allows anyone with Wi-fi access to read, watch or listen to the latest news. But if you want a guaranteed watch for your morning coffee, why not download some of the news for later use.

With everyone staying at home, there’s no telling how our internet connection is going to fair with multiple devices connected. If you download cbc music with VideoPower RED, you don’t have to wait for your videos to buffer and risk your coffee from getting cold. It’s a great software for beginners and you try it out today!

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