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Chroma is the award-winning music house, based in Los Angeles. They create original music, sound design, and musical scores for all forms of media. One of their main focus is on announcing the motion picture. You can find their job in some campaigns, movies, commercials, video games, and TV promotions.

They work with a team of composers, producers, mixers, sound designers, and artists to deliver what their clients need. So far, their focus has been on making major industry releases with the aim of continuing to offer a wide range of music, and sound. One of their popular creations is actually Chroma- Playing with Fire music for Epic Heaven Music.

The song’s video continues to capture insights and praise in the comments. If you want to listen here download the music of Chroma- Playing with Fire, you can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools. Download by using VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to

Download Chroma music with VideoPower YELLOW free trial version by clicking the link below! Use Videopower RED to forget the old song in your head.

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VideoPower YELLOW is a software that allows you to download music through URLS, searches. The recording is a good alternative in case the other two options do not pan out. You can also convert audio for your media player needs and burn CDs.

How to Download Chroma Music- Playing with Fire

Method 1: Copy and Paste Chroma Music- Playing with Fire URL

Step 1: Copy the Chroma Music URL

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and find a song. Copy the song URL.

download Chroma music, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied Chroma Music URL

Launch VideoPower YELLOW and go to the “Download” menu . Click the “Video to MP3 converter” button located in the upper right corner.

videopower yellow, open converter

A box will appear where you can paste your video URL. Click “Add download” to download the video from the link.

videopower yellow, paste link

Step 3: Downloading Chroma Music

The download will be displayed in the “Download” tab. Wait for the download to finish.

download Chroma music, downloading

Method 2: Record Chroma Music- Playing With Fire

Step 1: Prepare A Music Source For Recording

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and search for music. Let video load to avoid buffering issues.

Playing with fire, load video

Step 2: Set The Recording Sound Source

Select the Record menu in your VideoPower YELLOW. Set audio to system audio to prevent external noise from playing in the background.

vpy, audio setting

Step 3: Start recording Chroma Music- Playing With Fire

On the control panel press the red button to start recording.

Record menu, record music

Play the song in the background and let the software capture the tone.
Playing with fire, play video

Step 4: Chroma Music- Playing With Fire Recording Is Over

Click the stop button once the music is over. An icon appears in the box and you can click that to open the file location. The software will automatically save the title, artist and album name if recognized by the ID3 Tag identifier.

saved song, finished recording


Chroma music creates amazing pieces of music. Their songs made them feel amazing, connected and overall a happy listen. You can listen to their songs through their playlists on their Youtube channel or download them using VideoPower YELLOW. We recommend that you download Chroma Music- Playing with Fire. it has an ambiance, suspense and a general heavy feeling to it. Go and try our number one music download today!

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