youtube, chrome music lab Chrome Music Lab is software that you can find online. It helps children learn about music using motor function and curiosity. When you learn music at a young age, it encourages you to pursue other creative pursuits that may be useful for coping with or in your career.

Music helps with learning, improving memory and can boost your mood. Because it enhances the learning experience because it stimulates the left and right hemisphere of your brain, music is highly recommended to be used as a learning tool in schools and higher learning.

Chrome Music Lab Soundwaves is a feature that helps students learn about sound behavior and how it travels through streams such as air or water. Blue dots represent air molecules that bounce back and forth as the sound travels through them. Red lines graze in the position of a molecule, tracing the shape of the wave.

Download Chrome Music Lab Sound Waves tutorial, you can try to use VideoPower RED or ZEUS as downloading tools.

Download from Youtube by using the free trial version VideoPower RED below!
With the free trial version, users are limited to download one video/audio at a time and can record up to 3 mins. To lift all limitations, you can upgrade to the full version.

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ZEUS for Windows Free Download

Download Chrome Music Sound Waves videos with Videopower RED (will jump to to understand more about sound physics.

Method 1: Copy and Paste Music Lab Sound Waves Link

Step 1: Copy The Sound Waves Video Link

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and search for Chrome Music Lab Sound Waves. Copy the video link.

chrome music lab sound waves, copy link

Step 2: Paste The Copied Sound Waves URL

Launch VideoPower RED and go to the “Download” menu. Click the “Paste URL” button located in the upper left corner. The video will automatically queue up in the “Downloading” tab.

chrome music lab sound waves, paste link

Step 3: Complete Video Download

When the download is complete, the downloaded file will automatically be moved under the “Completed” tab. Right-click to see other options such as play, convert, open folder etc.

tutorial download, complete download

Method 2: Detect Music Lab Sound Waves Video

Step 1: Go To The Embedded Browser

Go to the “Detect” menu on your VideoPower RED. Open Youtube by typing in the browser bar. Find the video you are planning to watch.

Find tutorial, embedded browser

Step 2: Click Download

The video on Youtube will automatically be visible and you will see a “Download” button. Click the button to download the tutorial.

download tutorial music lab, direct

Step 3: Start Downloading The Sound Waves Tutorial

Go to the “Download” menu and you’ll see the video processed in the “Downloading” tab.

music lab download, audio conversion

Step 4: Downloading Chrome Music Lab Sound Waves Complete

Go to the “Completed” tab to find the finished video. Right-click to have the option to play, convert, open folder etc.

Soundwaves, direct download finish


Chrome Music Lab is a great tool to encourage young minds to learn and explore music. Sound Waves is a great way to illuminate sound physics as it sees how the note flows through the medium. You can use VideoPower RED to download Chrome Music Lab Sound Waves tutorials to help you teach kids how to use online software. Try it now so you can download other videos for daily use!

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