youtube, download Diwali music There are different festivals all over the world. We have different practices when it comes to celebrating the festivals in our country. Celebrating it is our way to express our gratitude, culture, and traditions. Diwali Festival is a major festival celebrated by Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs in India. They believe that if they celebrated this, it will remove darkness and negativity in their lives and bring happiness and light.

While celebrating this kind of festival, a group of female dancers will perform a stick dance and teach a sequence of moves accompanied by sticks and drumming. Watching while the girls are performing will really hook you. You may watch their videos on Youtube. You may watch their rituals, and how they will commemorate this kind of festival. You may also hear the music played during their performances.

You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

The free trial version is limited to downloading and recording. The upgraded version is a must to download Diwali instrumental music continuously.

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If you wish to have it o your list for offline playback, a Youtube downloader will help you with this. A third-party tool will help you download Diwali music. VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to will be your partner when it comes to downloading. This tool can let you download and record any music from different websites like Youtube, Deezer, Spotify, VEVO, and other music streaming sites. If downloading is not available, recording is an excellent alternative for getting your music to save it in your computer right away.

Method 1: Download Diwali Music

Step 1: Copy URL to Download

To download Diwali music, simply open the youtube site and search for the music. Click the video reference and copy the URL at the top address bar.

download Diwali music, copy URL

Step 2: Open Video to Mp3 Converter

Launch the software and click the “Download” button. Directly click the “video to MP3 Converter” icon at the right-top of the software.

download Diwali music, launch software

Step 3: Paste URL

After you clicked the “Video to MP3 Converter” button, there will be a new window to appear on your screen. Using the URL box of the software, paste the copied URL and click the “Add to Download” button to be added directly to your downloads.

download Diwali music, add to download

Step 4: Music Downloading

The Diwali music will now be processed by the software. Click the “Downloading” tab to see its progress. Wait for a few minutes to have it downloaded completely.

download Diwali music, downloading

Step 5: Listen to Diwali Music you Download

After a minute, you may now enjoy your Diwali music. Simply click the “Completed” tab to see your downloads. Double-click the downloaded file to listen to it. You may also right-click the file to see more options available.

download Diwali music, download complete

Method 2: Audio Recording

Step 1: Prepare the Music for Recording

Navigate to the Youtube site to prepare the Diwali music you will use for recording. Click the video reference to load so that your recording will be recorded smoothly.

download Diwali music, prepare music

Step 2: Launch Software and Begin to Record

Open the VideoPower YELLOW application then click the “Record” button. Go back to the music site to click the “Play” button. The recording will start accordingly.

download Diwali music, play music

You will know that recording already started once you saw the musical notes on the software. You may head back to the software to pause or stop the recording.

download Diwali music, stop recording

Step 3: Record Complete

Once the recording is over, click the “Library” tab to see the recorded file. With the ID3 tag of the software, the recorded file will automatically rename according to its original track including the artist’s name, title, and album once it is identified.

download Diwali music, recording complete


Some people attend festivals mostly to commemorate religions. Festivals, on the other hand, provide a sense of enjoyment, relaxation, and the opportunity to bond with family members whom we rarely see. Downloading and recording the music that has been played in festivals is really nice to hear.

So to have it on your list, let VideoPower YELLOW download Diwali music or any other music festival. This tool has simple methods to easily download your music. You may also change the recording format to MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, and FLAC for you to save it on your device.

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