Ed Sheeran is a worldwide superstar that released the album “÷” (divide) through Asylum and Atlantic records. His album became one of the most significant albums that were released in 2017. It will take you on a journey that makes you reflect on past relationships, family, career, and traveling. Additionally, Ed personally painted the cover of his album.

Some of Ed Sheeran’s songs on his Divide album are “Supermarket flowers”, “What Do I Know”, “Barcelona”, “How Would You Feel (Paean)” and “Shape of You”. Download Ed Sheeran songs and add them to your music collection so you can access them offline. You can download Ed Sheeran Divide Album using the VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS.

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VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to videopower.me) is a highly recommended tool you can use for an easy Ed Sheeran Divide Album Download. It is a multi-functional music downloader and audio recorder. It has a smart feature that automatically extracts ID3 tags of music including artist information, genre, and album. Also, it has advanced features where you can search music through its search engine.

Method 1: Search and Download Music

Step 1: Browse music in the Library

VideoPower YELLOW has a built-in search engine that can be found under the “Search” menu. Browse the “Divide” album or any Ed Sheeran song using the built-in search engine. Then the software will show all related music results based on your search keyword.

Divide Ed Sheeran Album download , search music

Step 2: Download music

Click the “Download” icon under operations to download the music you prefer.
Divide Ed Sheeran Album download , downloading progress

Step 3: Check the download progress

The music will be processed for downloading. You can check the download progress under the “Downloading” tab.

download music, downloading process

Step 4: Manage the downloaded music

After the downloading process is complete, go to the “Completed” tab to check the downloaded music. Right-click the video file to see more options such as Play, Remove, Add to iTunes, etc.

download music, check the file

Method 2: Video to MP3 Converter

Step 1: Copy the music URL

Open the Ed Sheeran’s music from the Divide album on YouTube and copy its URL from the top address bar.
download mp3 music, copy the url

Step 2: Open the Video to MP3 converter

Launch ZEUS, go to “Download” menu, and click the “Video to MP3 converter” tool.
download mp3 music, open the video to mp3 converter

Step 3: Paste the copied URL

A new window will pop-up. Paste the copied URL under the URL field box. Then click “Add to Download” to proceed with the download.
download mp3 music, paste the url

Step 4: Check the download progress

You can check the download progress under the “Downloading” tab.
download mp3 music, check download progress

Step 5: Finished downloading

When the download is complete, it will be transferred under the “Completed” tab. Right-click the downloaded file to manage and see more options.
download mp3 music, download complete


The divide became one of the best-selling albums in 2017 and it has 10 billion streams online. Ed Sheeran’s MP3 download Album doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need a third-party tool that can help you easily download Ed Sheeran Divide Album.

For an easier way to do Ed Sheeran Albums download, VideoPower YELLOW is helpful. It has a search engine so you can easily find your favorite music. Its recording feature also allows you to choose your preferred format. Moreover, this software doesn’t limit its function to downloading and recording but can also do more through its added features such as ID3 Tag Identifier, CD Burner, Editor, and Converter.

ZEUS series can do everything that VideoPower YELLOW can do and more, the interface is almost the same.
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