Raye, Download Escapism RayeRachel Agatha Keen, aka RAYE, who has participated in Jonas Blue’s single “By Your Side” and Jax Jones’ single “You Don’t Know Me”, the latter of which reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart, both certified platinum or better by BPI. She has been active since 2014 and to date has released songs we stumbled upon. One of her latest songs is “Escapism”.

YouTube is a site where you can enjoy a variety of music, but you can’t download music videos to save them in a compilation or listen to them later, and it might be a hassle because you will see ads before you watch them.To download Escapism RAYE, VideoPower YELLOW is the best choice.

This version of the music downloader is a trial version that allows you to download one piece of music at a time. Upgrade to the full version and you can download unlimited music at the same time.

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The best solution to this is to use VideoPower YELLOW. This application acts as an Escapism downloader. The application is powerful enough not only to download music videos and convert them to mp3 format, but also to record audio from YouTube websites and save it directly to your computer.

Watch Escapism – RAYE YouTube Music Video Here!

Method 1: Copy and Paste the Web Address to VideoPower YELLOW Application

Step 1: Go to the Youtube site and copy the link address of the song.

On the Youtube page, copy the link address of the song you want to download to your computer.
download Escapism RAYE, copy video url

Step 2: Paste the music video link address into the VideoPower YELLOW application.

After copying the URL of the music video, click “video to mp3 converter” on the “Download” function screen.
download Escapism RAYE, paste link
The Video to MP3 Converter will open in a new window, paste the link address and click “Add to Download”.
Download Escapism , add to downloads

Step 3: Start download procedure

Music is extracted from the video and processed for download in the “Download” tab.
Download Raye, download

Step 4: Download complete and start listening

On the download Screen, click the completed button to check the file, you can right-click the file to check additional options you can use to manage the file
Download escapism, downloading mp3

Method 2: Record a song using the VideoPower YELLOW application.

Step 1: Audio input settings

On the VideoPower Yellow main screen, click the Audio Input icon and select an option.
download, copy video url

Step 2: Set the song format

Next, click on the format icon. In this case, you should click on mp3, which is the most commonly used format for songs.
Escapism RAYE, format

Step 3: Click Record to begin recording.

Click the Record button to start recording
Download song, record

Click the Play button to play and record the song.
Download mp3, record song

Step 4: Recording complete

When recording is complete, the file is placed in the library.
music video, downloading mp3
Double-click on a file to see a preview, right-click to see other options for file management.
Download escapism, mp3


Escapism will rock your world, this song by RAYE is a statement for good music, and RAYE is now gaining a foothold as one of the most versatile artists in the industry. Whether you listen to it to relax or party with friends, ‘Escapism’ is an absolutely thrilling song that has taken social networking sites by storm. She knows how to use her voice and shows it off with ease on this hit single.

VideoPower YELLOW” is a very powerful software to use when you need to download something and convert it to Mp3 format. Through this application, you can “download Escapism RAYE” plays and it is super easy to do. This application also has a voice recording feature if you want to record your own voice.

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