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Kpop music is a music genre that produces catchy songs, beautiful music videos and loveable idols! It’s been a staple music genre in Korea which has bled over other countries such as the United states, Japan, Philippines and more.

With its appealing music and stunning visuals, it’s no wonder that Kpop skyrocketed into people’s hearts, creating fandoms that can last as long as Kpop groups continue to bless the media with their snappy dance moves and fashionable outfits.

But what would happen if we needed to go somewhere without Wifi? What’s a day without listening to your bias? What would we do if our ears aren’t blessed with Maria by Hwa Sa or Back Door by Stray Kids? Fortunately, we have the power of ZEUS BUNDLE LITE!

ZEUS BUNDLE LITE is an all around video software that you can use to download kpop music videos at your fingertips! It has video and music downloading capabilities with the use of links, auto-detection, or screen recordings. You can also edit videos and songs to get your creative juices flowing, and convert videos and music all in one package!

With the use of ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, it will allow you to record and download one audio and video at a time. Upgrade to the full for unlimited downloads. Click now!

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How To Download Kpop Music Videos

Step 1: Copy the Kpop Music video URL

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and search for your favorite Kpop song to download. Copy the URL of the video.

download kpop music, copy link

Step 2: Paste the copied URL

Launch ZEUS BUNDL LITE and go to the download tab. Click the “Paste URL” button found on the upper left corner. You can download Kpop Music individually or use the playlist and select the episodes you want to download in one go.


You’ll see your video in the “Downloading” section. Wait for it to complete.

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Step 3: Video download complete

Once the download is completed, the downloaded file will be transferred automatically under the “Completed” section.

music, completed download


Kpop is a niche. Some may fall in love with it immediately, and some will be indifferent. For those who do enjoy it, just remember there’s always a way to keep Jimin close to your heart. Why not try it for yourself? Download Kpop Music Videos to jam and dance along with!

Try ZEUS BUNDLE LITE for free and get ITZY play ready for that next workout! ZEUS BUNDLE LITE is an absolute beast when it comes to video and music downloading, edits, and conversion.