Ben&Ben formerly known as The Benjamins is a Filipino folk-pop band. Launched in 2015, in April 2020, Ben&Ben jumped from #48 to #29 on the Billboard Social 50 chart, which ranks artists by internet engagement, and in July their song “Leaves” was ranked #1 in real-time searches on the Korean music service Melon, and their song “Leaves” received positive reviews from various K-Pop artists, especially Young K of Day6, who made it into a 2020 cover version and performed it with Ben&Ben due to favorable reviews.

The song “Leaves,” written by Ben&ben, is about the process of healing and forgiveness in a relationship. The relationship shown in the music video unfolds as a family with a strong bond until the great loss and death of the mother create a rift between father and son.

The beat of the poem is easy to understand even without music, but when arranged musically, it is very pleasing to the ear and can certainly stick in the head. Apart from its semantic value, the poem conveys a beautiful lesson, sticking to a healing metaphor and creating overall coordination.Download Leaves now! using VideoPower YELLOW software

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Watch Leaves Ben&ben YouTube Music Video Here!

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This song, I believe, was written because the loss of a romantic relationship left a huge impact and broke the author’s heart. Therefore, there was nothing to help him move on, only time. The moment he was willing to forgive was the moment he moved on. So I think they wrote this song to share the lesson they learned, that time heals.

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