youtube, download mama Asian music awards Kpop songs are quite popular nowadays, especially among teens. A lot of Kpop group are arising that has been produced by big companies like SMEnt, BigHit, YG, and many more. Fans can show their affection and support for their idols by purchasing merchandise such as photos and albums, as well as nominating them for renowned music awards. Mnet Asian Music Awards, or MAMA, is a prominent music award given out yearly by the CJ E&M Entertainment Corporation. Last December 11, 2021, this ceremony was held at Paju and hosted by Lee Hyo-Ri.

Many big artists attended this prestigious event. Most of the nominees were present during that time. If you are unable to attend their live concerts, you will see their performance on their social media platforms, including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Passport Weibo. Try to visit their Youtube site to see more music and videos available. And if you want to download mama Asian music awards, it’s easier for you if you have a third-party tool that you can rely on.

You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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The best downloader and recorder you will ever have is VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to This tool will give you great music that you will surely love. It is also easy for you to download using this tool since it has a copy and paste method that is available on more than 1000 music streaming sites. And wait, there’s more, this tool has a recording function in case the first method is not available.

Method 1: Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Launch Site and Copy Music URL

Open the official Youtube site of MNet and look for your preferred music to be downloaded. Click the video you have chosen then copy its URL.

download mama Asian music awards, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied Music URL

Open immediately the VideoPower YELLOW software and click the 1. “Download” tab. Then, at the right top of the software, click the 2. “Video to MP3 Converter” menu to ensure your downloaded music will be automatically converted to MP3. After it, paste the copied URL inside the 3. URL box. Once all set hit the 4. “Add to Download” button to have it downloaded.

Note: Click the “Format” button and “Quality” button to set your preferred output.

download mama Asian music awards, paste URL

Step 3: Downloading

Once you hit the “Add to Download” button, it will be automatically added to your downloading list. Click the “Downloading” tab to see its progress.

download mama Asian music awards, downloading

Step 4: MNet Music is Downloaded

Hit the “Completed” button to see your downloaded music. You may double-click the file to listen to your music. You may also click the “Open Folder” button at the bottom right of the software to see its destination folder.

download mama Asian music awards, download complete

Method 2: Recording Mnet Music

Step 1: Prepare Music for Recording

Before you start recording make sure you prepare and load first the music you want to be recorded to avoid any interruptions in a recording.

download mama Asian music awards, prepare music

Step 2: Set Recording Format to MP3

Once you load your video, open the VideoPower YELLOW application to set the recording format to mp3. To do so, simply click the “Record” button then click the “Format” menu. A list of options will then display. Click the “MP3” format for recording

download mama Asian music awards, set recording format

Step 3: Ready for Recording

Once everything is set, click the “Record” button to begin recording. Then, return to the Youtube site of the music you prepared and hit the “Play” button of it. The recording will then take place.

download mama Asian music awards, start recording

Once the recording ended, head back to the software and click the “Stop” button to stop the recording.

download mama Asian music awards, stop recording

Step 4: Recording MNet Music is Completed

Click the “Library” button to see your recording music. Right-click the recorded file to see more options available.

download mama Asian music awards, complete recording


MNet or Mama Awards is one of the most-awaited awards of many Kpop fans. Through this ceremony, you will feel the love and support of the fans towards their idols. You may also enjoy the music that has been nominated for this award, and you will undoubtedly enjoy the music video that has been presented. So for you not to be left behind, better download Mama Asian Music Awards to your list.

Let the VideoPower YELLOW assist you in downloading and recording music in MNet. This tool has packed with amazing features to grab your music easily. It will also allow you to download music from different sites like Deezer, Gaana, Spotify, and many more right away to MP3 format. No need to have additional software for conversion.

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