youtube, Download Music Hits 2021 We all know that in the year 2021, everyone has a bitter-sweet experience. Due to COVID-19, we are forced to stay at home due to lockdown implementations. Our relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues were even hit by this virus. Thankfully, musicians have continued to create good music that provides as a solace for all we’ve been through.

Now, 2022 is fast approaching but before we end this year, let’s go back to the popular music hits in 2021 that bring good sounds to our ears. You can also download music hits 2021 from YouTube for offline listening through VideoPower RED or ZEUS.

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VideoPower RED (will jump to is an amazing tool that allows the latest music hits 2021 download from YouTube. Through its copy and paste URL function, you can easily download a YouTube playlist to MP3. Aside from the said function, it is also built with a batch downloader tool where you can paste multiple URLs to download at once. So much for making the downloads easier, right?

Method1: Copy and Paste Playlist URL

Step 1: Copy music playlist URL

Open your web browser, go to YouTube and search for an Indie music playlist to download. Once found, open it and copy the URL from the top address bar.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 2: Set download type to MP3

Before you begin downloading, set first your preferred download type. To do this, just launch VideoPower RED, go to the “Download” menu screen, click the Download Type” button, and select “Audio” or “Video”. Set to “Audio” if you want to download Indie Music in MP3 or set to “Video” to download in MP4 format.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 3: Paste the copied URL

Then on the same function screen, click the “Paste URL” button to paste the copied URL.

PNC Music Pavillion, music download

Step 4: Select videos to download

A new window will open containing the list of all videos from the playlist. Click check to select video/s to download. You can also click check the “Select All” option to download all the videos. Once done, click the “Add to Download” button to begin downloading.

PNC Music Pavillion, download complete

Step 5: Begin downloading

All music videos added to download will be added to the download queue. You can check the download progress under the “Downloading” tab.

PNC Music Pavillion, download complete

Step 6: Playlist download complete

If the download is completed, it will be moved under the “Completed” tab. To manage the downloaded music files, just right-click the file to see the dropdown list of all available options.

PNC Music Pavillion, download complete

Method2: Batch Download

As an alternative to the method above, you may also download multiple music files at once using the batch download tool.

Step1: Set download type

Under the “Download” function screen, click the “Download Type” button. Select your preferred download type to video or audio. In this example, we will set it as “video”.

PNC Music Pavillion, set recording format

Step2: Open batch download tool

Beside the “Paste URL” is the “Batch Download” tool. Click to open the tool’s window.

PNC Music Pavillion, set system sound

Step3: Paste URL

Then paste all the music URLs you want to download (1 URL per line) by clicking the “Paste URL” button. You can also paste the URL using the shortcut keys “Ctrl+V. Once done, click the “OK” button to begin downloading.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

Step4: Begin downloading

All pasted URLs will be processed to download under the “Downloading” tab.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

Step5: Batch download complete

All downloads completed will be moved under the “Completed” tab. Right-click the downloaded file to see more options.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording


You can’t help but dance to the new music sensations that debuted in 2021. It keeps us entertained despite the struggles we went through this year 2021. It’s incredible how wonderful music can put us in a good mood and bring happiness into our life.

VideoPower RED makes it easier to grab and download music hits 2021 playlists to listen offline. Its capability to detect a playlist and select videos to download makes it flexible and impressive. Alternatively, its batch downloader tool works magnificently too as it can download multiple music files simultaneously. Aside from YouTube, it can also download from 1000+ online streaming sites. There are so many added tools that you can enjoy such as the converter tool, built-in video editor, online radio, text to audio tool, and many more.

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