Knowing how to play instruments is such a talent. It takes a special kind of talent to be able to use an instrument. You may use your talent to make a name for yourself. You can use your talent to earn money. Nowadays, you can quickly learn how to use any instrument you want utilizing technology such as your iPhone, iPad, or computer. MusicLab is a site that will help you with that. It is a website that will assist you in developing your skills, particularly in using the guitar. Although there are many guitar tutorial videos on YouTube, you may find it difficult because they did not teach you the fundamentals and proper handling of guitars.

MusicLab aims to educate people who have a passion for music. It has a method that uses the latest generation of music technology for aspirants. It also has a unique and innovative way of teaching to ensure that their viewers will really learn at the end of their video. If you want to watch their videos, they have a Youtube account- Team Team for you to stream on.

You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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For continuous watching, better download their videos so that wherever you go, and if you’re bored, you may play and watch it even without the internet connection. To help you download MusicLab, a third-party tool is needed. VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to will then assist you so that you can easily download MusicLab real guitar videos. This tool has a copy and pastes method and search engine for you to download the playlist. You may also use its recording function as an alternative for downloading.

Method 1: Copy and Paste URL Method

Step 1: Choose Song to Download

Open the official Youtube site of MusicLab then click the “video” button to choose any video you want to download.

download musicLab, choose video

Step 2: Copy URL

Once you choose your video, you may copy its URL at the top search bar.

download musicLab, copy URL

Step 3: Paste URL then Download

After you copied the music’s URL, go ahead to the software and click the “Download” button. At the upper-right of the software, click the “Video to MP3 Converter” icon. There will be a new box appearing. Put the copied URL inside the URL box. You may set the quality and Format of your music depending on your likeness. Once done, click the “Add to Download” button to begin downloading.

download musicLab, paste URL

Step 4: Downloading is on Queue

The “Downloading” page will then allow you to download your music. Allow a minute for it to fully download.

download musicLab, downloading

Step 5: Successfully Downloaded

After a few minutes, your music will be downloaded completely. Click the “Completed” tab beside the Downloading tab to your downloads. Right-click it for more options available. You may also double-click to listen to it.

download musicLab, download complete

Method 2: How to Record from MusicLab?

Step 1: Set System Sound

To ensure no other sounds will be recorded during recording, better set the audio source to system sound. To set this, open the software then click the “record” button. Click directly the “Audio Source” button and select the “System Sound” tab.

download musicLab, set system sound

Step 2: Prepare Music

Open the Youtube site and prepare the music for recording.

download musicLab, prepare music

Step 3: Record Music

To begin recording, open the VideoPower YELLOW software then click the “record” tab. Return to the music you prepare and click the “Play” button to have it recorded.

download musicLab, play button

If ever you want to pause or stop recording, just head back to the software and click the pause or stop button. Once it’s over, simply click the “Stop” tab.

download musicLab, stop recording

Step 4: Complete Recording

To check your recorded file, just click the “Library” icon. The music you recorded will be saved in this section. Right-click the file to see more available lists.

download musicLab, complete recording


To make sure that you will learn instruments from the best, better follow the guides and tutorials of MusicLab. Learning to use an instrument, particularly the guitar, will not disappoint you. This site will really stick to its mission which is to educate music lovers with the use of technology.

VideoPower YELLOW will also help you to download their videos so that in just a few videos, you may master the instrument you want to play. Download MusicLab to enhance your skills or even become a pro in the music industry. This tool is so glad to help you in achieving your goals and will lend you its hand when it comes to downloading and recording music.

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