Paloma Faith Bromfield, born July 21, 1981 (age 41), in London, England, was first nominated for a Brit Award in 2010.” Only Love Can Hurt Like This” was written by Diane Warren, who previously worked on a Whitney Houston song, and Paloma Faith initially declined to record the song because there was no writing credit for it, but after hearing the song for the first time, Paloma Faith was in a long-distance relationship.

Paloma Faith’s song “Only love can hurt likes this” expresses the highs and lows of realizing you are in love, especially the feeling of not being with that person. Like a warped romance from a bygone era, the song seems to boldly take a trip down memory lane, reveling in the death throes of lust over the little things called love. Many of the song’s lyrics proudly demonstrate that he puts his feelings first, his thoughts confused.

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Paloma Faith may not be a big star in America, but people need to pay attention to Paloma Faith and her breathtaking voice. Where the magic really is. Officially released in May, the ’60s jazz-inspired ballad focuses on Faith’s beautiful, sensitive, and stunning vocals as she sings about the complexities of love and relationships, and she plays it smart.” I want to leave my lover, but I just can’t.

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