youtube, download renaissance musicWhen we think of old music we usually go back to ten years where Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory or Ed Sheeran’s A Team came on and we would vibe to the sounds. It’s rare for people to think of medieval or renaissance music since they’re less exposed to these kinds of songs. Some people even assume that they’re the same, but that’s not the case.

So what is the difference between the Medieval and Renaissance period? Well, the medieval period began after the Western Roman Empire fell apart. It was a time of literacy and music, but the majority of the music was made by the church. In order to pass this down, they transferred the information orally without the mention of the original composer. This was a testament to their loyalty to the church. They had two types of melodies monophonic and polyphonic and the majority was done by vocals.

Meanwhile, the renaissance period was after the medieval times. Literature, music and art flourished as music leaned more on the secular rather than the sacred. Composers were acknowledged and plays were written for entertainment. The melodies were more buoyant and lively, and the majority was done with all sorts of instruments, most notably the Renaissance lute music free download.
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The renaissance was the birth of great art and making literature more available. Without this time period, we wouldn’t have books, shows, music, and art to enjoy. Download renaissance music to appreciate the time period, and listen to the sounds of freedom and art as you work with VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to

Method 1: Copy & Paste URL

Step 1: Copy music url

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube.Search for renaissance music free download and pick a video you want to download. In the browser bar, copy the URL of your video.

download renaissance music, copy link

Step 2: Paste URL

Launch VideoPower YELLOW and go to the (1)“Download” tab. In the upper right corner click the (2)“Video to MP3 converter”, a (3) box will appear. Paste the link in the (4) URL bar, and click the (5) “Add to Download” button.

download renaissance music, download music

Step 3: Download

In the “Downloading” section, you’ll see your song being downloaded. Wait for the file to be downloaded.

renaissance music, downloading

The finished download will appear in the “Completed” section. You can listen to it here or right click to open the file location.

renaissance music, download

Method 2: Audio Record

Step 1: Set Sound Source

In your VideoPower YELLOW, go to the “Record Tab” and prepare the audio settings by right clicking the audio jack icon. Choose “System Sound” to avoid external noises from playing in the song.

renaissance music, audio setting

Step 2: Recording

Press the “Record” button to begin recording, play the song from Youtube to capture the music.

download renaissance, record button

The control panel will show you options to pause, stop, adjust the volume etc.

download renaissance, audio recording

Step 3: Saved Track

After you click the stop button on the control panel, an icon will appear in the box. Right click to open the file location, and you will see that the track was automatically identified and saved the track title, artist and album.

download renaissance, saved music


The Renaissance was truly a time for discovery. It was the time of Shakespeare, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and many more. Without this time period, we probably wouldn’t have progressed to where we are in entertainment and science today. Download Renaissance music with VideoPower YELLOW, and come back to a time where simple discoveries can make an impact on humanity.

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