Taylor Swift is an American singer and songwriter best known for her narrative songwriting. Her music is often inspired by his personal life which has received various reactions from widespread media. Some love the relatability of the songs while others judge her for involving other people in her music. Her new song, All Too Well, is the fifth track on his fourth 2012 studio album, Red. She wrote “All Too Well” with Liz Rose, and made with Nathan Chapman the first song written for the Red album. It’s a soft rock ballad with elements of folk music reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s old songs.

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Method 1: Copy And Paste Taylor Swift Music Video Link

Step 1: Copy The Video Link

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and search for Taylor Swift music videos. Copy the video link.

Taylor Swift music videos, copy URL

Step 2: Paste The Copied Taylor Swift Music Video URL

Launch VideoPower RED and go to the “Download” menu. Click the “Paste URL” button located in the upper left corner. The link is downloaded automatically and it lines the “Downloading” tab.

Taylor Swift music videos, paste URL

Step 3: Complete Taylor Swift Music Video Download

When the download is complete, the downloaded file will automatically be moved under the “Completed” tab.

All Too Well Short film, finished download

Method 2: Detect the Music Video

Step 1: Go To Embedded Browser

Go to the “Detect” menu on your VideoPower RED, and open Youtube by typing in the browser bar or clicking the youtube button. Find the video you are planning to watch.

Youtube button, embedded browser

Step 2: Download Video Auto

When you open the video using the embedded browser, the software will automatically see the media file and a “Download” button will appear. Click the button to download the video.

Auto-detect, direct download

Step 3: Download Video From YouTube

Go to the “Download” menu and you’ll see the video processing “Downloading” tab.

Short film, download queue

Step 4: Video Download Complete

Go to the “Completed” tab to find the finished video. Right-click to have the option to play, convert, open folder etc.

Short film, direct download finish


Whether you like Taylor Swift or not, we can all admit that her songs are charming and can touch anyone’s heart. “All Too Well” describes a relationship where couples can only be good to each other without external factors such as friends and family involved.

It shows an uneven dynamic, and can ultimately lead to a bad ending because people are not built to be in a bubble when it comes to relationships. The music video talks to anyone who has been in a deeply loving, but generally toxic relationship.

Download Taylor Swift Music videos with Videopower RED and get angry at the video plot. You can also make a Taylor Swift Bad Blood music video download or a Taylor Swift The Man music video download for a more fun tone to listen to.

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