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A Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated by many before Christmas. It is popular in western cultures to thank for the harvest of the year. Although rooted in religious and cultural traditions, the holiday is considered a secular holiday for all to celebrate.

Today we are going to talk about the religious aspects of gratitude and the songs that come with it. Amazing Grace is a Christian hymn. Published in 1779, the writer, John Newton intended for the song to have a message of forgiveness and redemption.

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Method 1: Copy and Paste the URL

Step 1: Copy the Thanksgiving Music URL

Using your PC browser, go to Youtube and search for A Little Night Music. Copy the video link.

Download Thanksgiving Music, copy link

Step 2: Paste The Copied URL

Launch VideoPower YELLOW and go to the “Download” tab. Click the “Video to MP3 converter” button found on the upper right corner.

Videopower Yellow, open converter

A box will appear where you can paste your video URL. Click “Add download” to download the video from the link.

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Step 3: Download Music

The download will be displayed in the “Download” section. Wait for the download to finish.

queue, downloading

Method 2: Record

Step 1: Set The Record Audio Input

Select the record tab in your VideoPower YELLOW. Set the audio system to prevent external noise from playing in the background.

vpy, audio setting

Step 2: Start Recording Thanksgiving Music

On the control panel press the red button to start recording.
vpy, record music
Play the video in the background and let the software capture the tune.
Download Thanksgiving Music, play video

Step 3: The Recording Is Over

You can press the stop button as soon as the music is over. An icon appears in the box and you can click that to open the file location. The software will automatically save the title, artist and album name if it can be found.
vacation songs, recording ended


Amazing Grace is one of the most iconic holiday songs for English speakers. When Newton wrote it, he took inspiration from his personal experience. Growing up from a non-religious household, his life led him to various twists and turns that would have taken a step in his renewed faith.

He worked as a slave trader until 1755, and began to study Christian theology. There he began his journey of composing one of the most iconic Christian songs. This may be a symbol of his remorse from his participation during the slave trade, but we will never know.

What matters is that the song symbolizes gratitude, forgiveness and love. Download Thanksgiving music with VideoPower YELLOW to play at the holiday festival.

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