youtube, Girl Power Anthem Songs Women are carving out their own identities in whichever area they choose as time goes on. Unlike in ancient times, they were discriminated against and were not permitted to work in jobs normally reserved for men. They were obligated to serve their husband and help around the house. Women’s empowerment is defined as fostering women’s self-esteem, ability to make their own decisions, and right to affect societal change for themselves and others. Women’s empowerment and the promotion of women’s rights have become a prominent global movement that has been breaking new ground in recent years. International Women’s Empowerment Day, for example, is gaining popularity.

Nonetheless, despite significant improvements, women and girls continue to experience discrimination and violence in every country. That is why many girl groups or female artists make a song to stop this discrimination or abuse. Just like the famous artist- Beyonce- Run the World Girls. This song is really intended for women’s empowerment. So, to all the world out there, better have her playlist now using the VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS software and do the Girl Power Anthem Songs.

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Using the greatest and simple ways in downloading and recording feature of VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to, you can download your favorite playlists in just a few clicks. This software has its own search engine so you can just browse the playlist that you want and it will immediately display it on your screen. You may also use the recording function of this software as an alternative for downloading. Do the Girl Power Anthem Songs 2021 to experience the awesomeness of this tool.

Method 1: Download Music Playlist

Step 1: Search for a Playlist

Simply open the software and click the “Search” menu. Use its search box and type “Beyonce” and click the magnifying glass icon to search for the songs of the artists. All her songs will be displayed on your screen.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, search music

Step 2: Choose Music to Download

After the music is displayed, just put a check inside the box on what songs/playlist you’re going to add to your list. Once you have been selected, click the “Add to Download” button to have it downloaded.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, add to download

Step 3: Music Downloading

The music will be put to the “Downloading” section right away. You can check the status of your file by going to the “Download” menu and looking at the “Downloading” icon.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, downloading

Step 4: Listen to your Downloaded Music

The “Completed” indicator is located next to the “Downloading” menu. To see the song you downloaded, click that button. To see more options, right-click the file. You can also try double-clicking it to listen to the music you’ve downloaded.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, download complete

Method 2: Record the Music

Step 1: Pick a Music to be Recorded

Go to the music streaming site that offers the music of Beyonce. On this page, we will go over to the Youtube site. Then, search for a song. Next, click the video to load.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, prepare music

Step 2: Select a Format

Click the “Record” button in the VideoPower YELLOW software. To choose a recording format, click the “Format” icon, which will bring up a list of available options.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, choose a recording format

Step 3: Start to Record the Music

Simply press the software’s “Record” button to begin your recording. The button is depicted as a red circle.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, start recording

Step 4: Play the Music

Then, return to the music you prepared and hit the “Play” button of the music to be recorded.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, play music

You may go back to the software once the recording is over. Click the “Stop” button to end your recordings. You may also click the “Pause” button if you want to take a break from the recording.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, stop recording

Step 5: Enjoy your Recorded Music

After clicking the “Stop” button, the music you recorded will be delivered to the “Library” section of the software. And because of the unique feature of the software which is the ID3 Tag Identifier, the music you recorded will be renamed to its original title, song artists, and even the album.

Girl Power Anthem Songs, complete recording


Gender equality is a fundamental human right as well as a prerequisite for a peaceful and prosperous society. Women have helped other women speak up and empowered them by standing up for equality. Just like Beyonce, she empowers all women by producing a song- Run the World (Girls). Let us all support this song and voice out equality no matter gender you are and do the Girl Power Anthem Songs.

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