J-Hope MORE, J-Hope, MOREThe new song “MORE(which will take you to the music video on YouTube.com) by J-Hope has topped this week’s new music vote. Music lovers chose the BTS member’s ’90s-inspired solo track as their favorite new music release of the week in a survey released Friday (July 1) on Billboard. “More” received over 93 percent of the vote.

“MORE” is the first solo music released by the South Korean vocalist after BTS announced in June that they would be taking a break after almost a decade of constant work together to focus on their projects.

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Method 1: J-Hope MORE Song Download through Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Copy Music Video URL

Using your computer browser, open the j-hope ‘MORE’ Official MV music video. Copy the URL from the address bar. j-hope music video, prepare music to download

Step 2: Convert Video URL to MP3

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Step 3: K-Pop Song Downloading in Progress

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Step 4: K-Pop Song Download Complete

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Method 2: J-Hope MORE Song Download through Recording

Step 1: Set Sound Input & Output Format

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Click the “Format” icon (beside the “Audio Source” icon) and select “MP3” from the option list.
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Step 2: Start Recording!

Once you modify your recording settings, you can start your recording. Click the “Record” button to start recording.
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Step 3: Play the Video to Record Music

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Go back to VideoPower YELLOW. The recording is in the process when you see music notes floating when the music plays. Click “Pause” if necessary or click “Stop” to end the recording.
2022 j-hope music, audio recording in session

Step 4: Manage K-Pop Song Recording

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music from j-hope, recording complete


MORE is the first single from J-solo Hope’s project, with the album Jack In The Box due out this summer. It is about J-Hope’s enthusiasm for pursuing his unique musical desire. He’s entirely focused on his musical abilities, and he’s excited to see where he can go in his career. The connection to this solo endeavor is clear: a new period of his career has begun, and he is thrilled to see what happens. He’s eager for the following steps. He simply wants more.

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