youtube, Malaysia Classic Music MP3 Download If you are a music lover, listening to classical music would bring you to another level of bliss. There is a lot of different classical music while we stream on our different music streaming sites. One of these is Malaysian Classic Music. When it comes to playing music, Malaysian officials restrict only what music should be played in their area. They criticize so well that every music that is played is good for young people. As a result, you can rest assured that listening to their music is both enjoyable and unique.

You can stream their music on different music streaming sites like Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, and many more. However, we all knew that streaming to these kinds of sites needs a subscription to exclude the ads and to continue streaming freely. That is the reason why you will be needing the help of a tool to back you up in downloading and saving your music. Malaysia classic music mp3 download is really is easy once you have VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS.

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With the help of the VideoPower YELLOW  (will jump to application, downloading and recording are very easy. This tool will let you do classical music mp3 download and record for hundreds of music streaming sites. This tool also has a feature that downloading your music straight away to mp3 format is feasible. Aside from MP3 format, you can also select different formats like OGG, WMA, FLAC, and WAV to ensure that your music will be suitable on your device.

Method 1: Download Music using Copy and Paste URL

Step 1: Copy URL

Head on to any music site that offers Malaysian classic music. On this page, we will use the Youtube site. Use its search engine and search for any Malaysia Classical Music. Then, select a video you want to download. Highlight the URL at the top address bar of the video then copy.

Note: You may also use the “Share” button of the video to copy its URL.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 2: Paste URL

To download your music to MP3, open the VideoPower YELLOW software then click the “Download” button. At the upper right of the software click the “Video to MP3 Converter” button.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Then, a new window will display on your screen. This small box will let you put the copied URL. Paste the copied URL inside the URL box. Once all set, simply hit the “Add to Download” button to begin downloading your music to mp3 format.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 3: Downloading

The music will then be sent under the “Downloading” menu of the software. Hop on to this section to see its progress.

PNC Music Pavillion, music download

Step 4: Completed

Since the video is not too long, expect that it will be downloaded immediately. To see your music, just click the “Completed” menu of the software beside the “Downloading” section. You may opt to right-click the file to see more options for your music.

PNC Music Pavillion, download complete

Method 2: Recording

Step 1: Choose the Format

You may use the recording format as an alternative for downloading. But before you proceed in recording, make sure that you set your desired format in recording to ensure that it is compatible with your device. Just open the software and click the “Record” button. On the lower right, click the “Format” button then a list of the available formats will display.

PNC Music Pavillion, set recording format

Step 2: Prepare Music

Open your desired music site that offers Malaysian music. Then search for the music with the help of its search engine. Click the video to have it load for a moment to ensure the recording will be smooth.

PNC Music Pavillion, set system sound

Step 3: Begin to Record

To begin recording, head back to the software then click the “Record” button under the “Record” menu.

PNC Music Pavillion, set system sound

Then, simply return to the music site and click the “Play” button of the music to have it recorded.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

If you want to pause your recording, you may go back to the software click the “Pause” button. And once the recording ends, just click the “Stop” button then it will be saved automatically.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

Note: The red box shown in the above picture is for the “Stop” button while the button beside it is for the “Pause” menu.

Step 4: Recording is Completed

Once it is saved, you may see your recordings under the “Library” menu. The music will be stored immediately in this section. You have more options to see once you right-click the file.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording


And because the Malaysian government makes sure their music is interesting and informative, you will be really happy and satisfied listening to their songs. Though some of us may not understand their language, hearing their music will let you understand what the song wants to imply.

So what are you waiting for? Do the Malaysia Classic Music MP3 Download now using a reliable tool. The VideoPower YELLOW is software that is made for every music enthusiast. It is a tool that will help you in downloading and recording your music. This tool also has a search engine for you to easily trace your favorite music. Just explore its function and you will surely love it since it is a user-friendly tool.

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