Music 163, Music 163 downloaderAre you looking for a music site that contains cool music? Then you better go and check out Music 163. This music streaming site offers Chinese popular music on its recommendation list. It features all the trending English music in the section of the New disc. You can enjoy all the songs on this website without paying any penny!

It’s a bit disappointing though that users cannot add music to their playlist or on favorites directly from the website. Not unless you install and use the NetEase app. To download the songs from Music 163, upgrading to VIP membership is required. This website has rare gems of songs that you will surely love to keep and listen to offline. No wonder most users are looking for the best alternative to make this possible without upgrading. Worry no more because this article aims to introduce you to the best Music 163 downloader alternative without the need of paying premiums.

Download and record music by downloading the free trial version of the ZEUS down below!

ZEUS Series for Windows Free Download

ZEUS is a highly recommended tool that you can use to save music from Music 163. It offers an advanced music recording feature that is capable of retaining high-quality music. It also supports a wide array of music output formats for your selection. There are also plenty of add-on features that you should try!

Steps on How to Record from Music 163

Step 1: Go to the “Music” function screen

Launch ZEUS, click the “Music” menu, and click the “Record” tab.

Music 163 Downloader, go to the music tab

Step 2: Set the Audio Input

Set the audio input by clicking the icon as shown in the image below, and select “System Sound”. In this way, you can record the music coming from your computer. Other choices are “Microphone”, to record only your voice on the microphone, or choose “Both System Sound and Microphone” if preferred.
Music 163 Downloader, source of sound

Step 3: Set the output format into “MP3”

Click the “Format” icon and choose “MP3” as needed.
Music 163 Downloader, choose mp3 format

Step 4: Begin the music recording

Click the “Record” button to begin your recording.
record, click record

Go to the Music 163 website and play the music to have it recorded.
record, play music

When the music is finished, go back to ZEUS and click “Stop” to end the recording.
recording, stop recording.

Step 5: ID3 Tags Identified

The software will try to identify the music recorded through its ID3 Tags Identifier. Once recognized, it will automatically add its ID3 Tags such as the album cover art, title, artist, etc.
recording, id3 tags identified

Step 6: Manage the recorded music

Once the recording is done, the recorded file will be added to your recording list under the “Library”. Right-click the file to see more options like Play, Edit, ID3 Identify, Burn to CD, etc.
record, manage recorded file


Music 163 may not be the biggest music platform out there, but its contents are something you can keep and can’t be found on other websites. It is simple and very straightforward, however, it doesn’t have any language available aside from “Chinese”. Sadly, you can’t use the Music 163 batch downloader unless you upgrade into a VIP member. This is a bit of a hassle because there are many processes you need to undergo before you are allowed to download music.

The best Music 163 downloader alternative is the music recording function of ZEUS. This tool is capable of recording lossless quality music from Music 163 and other online music sites.