There are many different forms of music that can help you relieve stress, improve the quality of your sleep, treat chronic pain, and so on. Classical music is the greatest form of music to listen to as you are going through the stages described above.

There is one person who is quite well-known in the world of making classical music. Edward Elgar who is known as Nimrod is a person who has an orchestral work of 14 variations on an original theme. Due to his long history of naval duty, the song he created was even sung at the funeral of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Listening to Elgar’s songs is both a relief and an emotionally draining experience. You may hear some of his songs especially during the royal events and in the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012.

But, if ever you haven’t heard his songs, maybe it’s the right time for you to listen and do Nimrod music download. You can search his songs on a streaming site like Youtube. And if you want to listen for offline playback, then a third-party tool will help you with this. You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools. There are two ways that this too, VideoPower YELLOW offers you to have Nimrod music free download. The first is by the copy and paste method, and the second one is by recording.

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Using its free trial version of the software, it will let you download a song and even record your favorite music for up to one minute. An upgraded version is a must for you to continuously use this software.

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ZEUS for Windows Free Download

VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to is the software I am referring to. This tool will be of great help especially in extracting music. All of Nimrod’s music, as well as your favorite tracks, can be downloaded using this tool’s finest feature.

Method 1: Download Nimrod’s Music

Step 1: Copy the URL

To download the music of Nimrod, you need to go over to a music streaming site like Youtube. Then, use the search engine to look for the desired Nimrod music you want to download. Once you find your music, simply copy the URL of the music at the top address bar.

Nimrod music download, copy music’s URL

Step 2: Download Nimrod Music by Pasting the URL

Once you copied the music’s URL, simply open the VideoPower YELLOW software. Click the . “Download” button then at the right-top of the software (1), hit the “Video to MP3 Converter” icon (2). A new window will display on your screen for you to paste the copied URL. Inside the URL box, paste the URL you copied (3). Once done, simply hit the “Add to Download” button to begin downloading (4).

Note: You may also set the format and quality of your music before you proceed downloading.

Nimrod music download, paste music’s URL

Step 3: Music on Queue

The software will process your music. Once done, it will be redirected under the “Downloading” section.

Nimrod music download, downloading

Step 4: Listen to Nimrod’s Music

After a few minutes, the downloaded file is completed. Check and play your music by hitting the “Completed” tab. You may double-click the file to listen to your music. Right-click it if you wish to see other options for your downloaded file.

Nimrod music download, download complete

Method 2: Recording Nimrod Music

Step 1: Set the Format

Set the recording format of the software before you begin recording to ensure no interruptions will take place. To do this, open the software then click the “Record” button. At the bottom left of the software, click the “Format” menu and choose the recording format you want to use for recording.

Nimrod music download, set recording format

Step 2: Searching for Nimrod’s Music

Hop on to the Youtube site and prepare for Nimrod’s music you want to record.

Nimrod music download, prepare music for recording

Step 3: Begin Recording Nimrod’s Music

To begin recording, press the software’s “Record” button, then return to the song you’ve prepared and press the “Play” button. The app will then record the music on your computer.

Nimrod music download, start recording

Note: The recording will be indicated by a musical note appearing around the microphone.

Then, once the recording is finished, go back to the software and click the “Stop” button of the software to end the recording.

Nimrod music download, stop recording

Step 4: Complete Recording

After the recording, you can see your recording file under the “Library” section. You may double-click the recorded file to play the music instantly. You may also right-click it to see more options available.

Nimrod music download, complete recording


If you’re looking for some relaxing music, Nimrod’s music is a fantastic choice. Not only that, you will feel refreshed listening to this kind of classical track. Despite the fact that his songs were recorded in the 1980s, many people still listen to them now.

If you are looking for a sign, then, maybe this is the right time. Let VideoPower YELLOW help you to do a Nimrod music download. It will also help you to record any song on different websites too. Batch downloading is also possible with this tool if you want to save time in downloading your music.

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