youtube, opm music download Filipinos are well-known in the music industry, particularly in terms of music production. There are numerous singing competitions and variety shows in which Filipinos appear as guests or contestants all over the world. They also claim that if you’re Filipino, you have a beautiful or amazing voice, which they admire. Original Pilipino Music, or “OPM,” refers to a kind of Philippine pop music, particularly ballads, that is well-known around the globe.

Visiting various music streaming sites, such as Youtube, can provide access to thousands of OPM songs, including Kim Chiu’s Bawal Lumabas, which became popular during the pandemic due to her vlog. Have this music of her to understand what she wants to imply to everybody especially this time of pandemic. Use a third-party tool like the VideoPower RED or ZEUS to help you do opm music download.

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Downloading and recording will be easy as 1,2,3 once you have the VideoPower RED (will jump to software. This tool has a great function in downloading and recording your music with high-quality results. It is a user-friendly tool so you can assure that it will be easy to use for a first-timer like you. You may use this tool as an alternative for free opm music download online.

Method 1: Download the Audio – Copy and paste URL

Step 1: Set the Download Type to Audio

To download the music video to audio, you should set first its download type to audio format. To set this, just open the VideoPower RED software and click the “download” menu. Under it, click the “Download Type” and choose the “Audio” format.

opm pop music video download, set download type

Step 2: Copy the Music’s URL

Launch the Youtube site and search for the song of Kim Chiu- Bawal Lumabas. Click the video and at the top address bar, copy its URL.

opm pop music video download, copy URL

Step 3: Paste the Music’s URL

Then, return to the VideoPower RED and click the “+Pastre URL” icon. The software will instantly download your music. See its progress under the “Downloading” section. Wait for a few minutes to be downloaded.

opm pop music video download, paste URL

Step 4: Audio Downloading is Complete

The music you downloaded is now complete. Click the “Completed” tab to see your music. Double-click the file to toggle auto-play. Right-click it for more options available.

opm pop music video download, download complete

Method 2: Screen Record the Music Video

Step 1: Prepare the Video

Selecting a video you want to record is a must before you proceed to record to load it for a while. Open the Youtube site and search for Kim Chiu’s- Bawal Lumabas music video. Click the video to prepare it for recording.

opm pop music video download, prepare the video

Step 2: Select Recording Format

Choose a recording format you want in recording for the music video. You may choose the recording format once you click the “record” button under the “record” menu.

opm pop music video download, set recording format

Step 3: Begin Recording the Music Video

After selecting the recording format, a new window will appear. Click the “Ok” button. A countdown will show on your screen, indicating that the recording is about to begin.

opm pop music video download, countdown

Once the countdown is over, return to the site and click the “Play” button of the video to have it recorded. Use the control taskbar shown on your screen to pause or stop the recording.

opm pop music video download, start recording

Step 4: Recording Music Video is Completed

If the recording is done, just tap the “Stop” button of the software and it will be saved automatically in the software. If you want to see the location of your file, right-click it and select the “Open Folder” button.

opm pop music video download, recording complete


Having an OPM on your list adds a new dimension of joy to your life. As the saying goes for every Filipino, “Tangkilikin ang Sariling Atin” (Enjoy our Own) supports local music to show their love for their nation and to show empathy for others, particularly musicians.

Let the VideoPower RED help you download their songs and do the OPM Music download. This tool will not disappoint you because it has great features to offer like the Auto-Detect download, Screen Recording as an alternative, and the Edit function for basic editing.

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