youtube, Pop Hits Music Video download People are greatly influenced by music. It has the ability to affect the mood of those who listen to it. According to neuroscientists, music has an impact on brain function and human behavior, reducing stress, pain, and depression symptoms while also increasing cognitive and motor skills, spatial-temporal learning, and neurogenesis which is the brain’s ability to generate neurons. We have different tastes in music but most of all, we are hooked on pop music. It is usually played on electronic instruments. It comprises short songs with a strong beat and easy-to-remember melodies. A tool like VideoPower RED or ZEUS software will help you to do Pop Hits Music Video download or Pop Hits Music Video downloads.

On many music streaming services, we can listen to our favorite music. Some of us have already added it to our to-do list in order to avoid the annoying pop-up adverts. If you’re ever unsure how to download your favorite music video, keep scrolling down this page. The said tool has the ability to download any music you want on more than hundreds of music streaming sites.

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The VideoPower RED (will jump to software is a tool that helps you download your music in MP4 format with high-quality video and audio. It is a tool that everyone longs for. It has a bunch of features for downloading and recording. You may also convert your video to audio and vice versa.

Method 1: Download Music Video in MP4 Format

Step 1: Search Music and Copy URL
Launch to Youtube site and look for the desired music video to download. Once found, simply copy the URL of the video.

Note: Since the software can download on over 1000+ music streaming sites, searching any music video on multiple music streaming sites are possible.

Pop Hits Music Video download, copy URL
Step 2: Open Software and Set Download Type
Open the software. Then, under the “Download” button, click the “Download Type” button and choose “video” as your download format. This is to make sure you’re downloading a video rather than an audio file.

Pop Hits Music Video download, set download type
Step 3: Paste the URL of the Music Video
To download your video, just click the “+Paste URL” icon of the software.

pop songs, paste URL
Step 4: Music Video is Downloading
The music will be added instantly to your downloading queue. Click the “Downloading” tab of the software to check your downloads.

pop songs, downloading
Step 5: Music Video is Completed
To see your music video, go to the software’s “Completed” tab. To see what options are available, right-click the video file.

save pop songs, download complete

Method 2: Record Video

Step 1: Choose Video to Record
Simply go to the Youtube website and select the music video you want to record. Allow it to load for a few moments to ensure smooth recording.

record pop music, prepare video
Step 2: Choose Format for Recording
Open the software again and click the “Record” button. Under it, click the “Record” menu for a list of dropdowns will display. Choose your desired recording format.

record pop music, choose recording format

After selecting a format, a small box will display asking you if you are ready for recording. Just click the “OK” button. Then, a three-second countdown will display.

music hits pop, countdown
Step 3: Start Screen Recording
Immediately return to the music site and click the “Play” button of the music video. A control taskbar will display on your screen. Use that to pause or stop recording.

music hits pop, start recording
Step 4: Screen Recording is Completed
After you hit the “Stop” button, the file will be instantly stored in your recording list. Double-click the file to watch your recorded music video. You may also right-click it for more options.

save pop music, complete recording


Allow the music to energize you and transform your negative mood into a positive one. Using a third-party tool, download all of your favorite pop music. Let no one ruin your day, and go away from stressful situations such as schoolwork, paperwork, or your neighborhood.

Better have a reliable tool in downloading your music and music video in a good quality format. VideoPower RED will be your partner to do Pop Hits Music Video download. This tool will never disappoint you in saving your favorite music in your library!

ZEUS can do what the VideoPower YELLOW can do and more with an almost similar interface.
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