Alexander James O’Connor, born May 4, 1998, professionally known as Rex Orange County, is an English singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter. “The Shade” is the title track from Rex Orange County’s fourth album, Who Cares? In this song, he reminisces about his regrets with a past lover.

The song is about commitment to another person and the desire to have everything that comes with that commitment. The great thing about the metric is that it can be applied to many things, even though it seems to be singing about something completely different. Such a great song by such a great singer.

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Watch The Shade YouTube Music Video Here!

Record the Shade Music

Step 1: Select a recording format

Play the music you wish to record in your PC browser and click the “Record” menu from the software interface to activate the recording function. Click on “Format” to select it.
download the shade rex orange county, format

Step 2: Start Recording

Open the YouTube site and play the song you want to record.
 rex orange county, link
Return to the software and click the “Record” button to begin recording. You will see notes around the microphone icon to confirm that the sound is being recorded.
 the shade , record

Step 3: Playback the recorded music

When recording is complete, the recorded file is automatically added to the “Library”. The music will be automatically detected by the software and put into its title. Right-click on the audio and more options will appear.
download the shade, format


While overall it represents the exciting nature of new relationships, The Shade explores the dark side and addresses the insecurities mixed in with the uplifting happiness.

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