youtube, relaxing music for kids Music has a powerful impact on our minds and body. Faster music might help you concentrate and feel more awake. A slower tempo helps you relax your muscles and calm your thoughts, allowing you to relax and let go of the stress of the day. Music can help you relax and manage your stress. Adults are no longer the only ones who need to unwind. Children, too, require time to unwind in order to cope with their schoolwork. Relaxing music for kids will help them to clear their minds from everything that bothers them. Allow them to listen to this type of music to brighten their mood and help them relax. You may get relaxing music for kids on Youtube to let them feel the music peacefully without any interruptions.

Expert says that listening to relaxing music for kids to sleep will help them to increase efficiency. Relaxing songs will have a great impact not just on kids but on adults also since they will help you counteract depression and anxious thoughts. It is very important that you have your relaxing music on your playlist. You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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With the use of the free trial version of VideoPower YELLOW, it will allow you to download one song and even record music for up to one minute. However, an upgraded version is needed for batch downloading.

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To download and record relaxing music for kids piano, you may need the assistance of a tool. VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to has a search engine that once you search for your desired music, a list of songs will display on your screen. By this, downloading is very easy and accessible. Batch downloading is also possible in this software to save your time in downloading your music.

Method 1: Download Music using Search Engine

Step 1: Search Music

Launch the software and click the “Search” button. Use the search engine of the software and put your desired music to download.

relaxing music for kids, search for music

Step 2: Mark the Songs to Download

Then, put a checkmark inside the box of the song that you want to be downloaded. Then, once you have chosen, simply click the “Add to Download” button at the bottom right of the software.

relaxing music for kids, add to downloading list

Step 3: Music is Downloading

To look for your downloads, simply click the “Download” button. Then under the “Downloading” menu you will how fast or slow your downloads are.

relaxing music for kids, music downloading

Step 4: The Music is Downloaded

Once the downloading is completed, click the “Completed” tab to see your music. Click the “Open Folder” button of the software to locate the destination folder of your downloaded file.

relaxing music for kids, download complete

Method 2: Record Relaxing Music

Step 1: Pick a Recording Format

Set the recording format to MP3 before you start recording. To do this, simply click the “Record” button then click the “Format” icon. Immediately click the “MP3” option from the list.

relaxing music for kids, set format

Step 2: Prepare Music

Open the Youtube site and search for any relaxing music for kids. Once done, simply click the video to load before you start recording.

relaxing music for kids, preparing music for recording

Step 3: Begin Recording the Music

To begin recording, simply click the “Record” button. Then, return to the Youtube site where you prepare your music and simply click the “Play” button of the music to have it recorded.

relaxing music for kids, start recording

Note: A musical note will appear around the microphone which indicates the software has begun recording.

Then, once you are done recording, just head back to the software and click the “Stop” button to immediately end your recordings.

relaxing music for kids, stop recording

Step 4: Successfully Recorded

Once you tap the “Stop” button of the software, the recording will eventually end. The recorded files can be seen under the “Library” section. Right-click the file if you want to do more about your recordings.

relaxing music for kids, complete recording


Most experts have already recommended that if we have anxiety or insomnia, we listen to relaxing music before going to bed to get a good sleep. Better also to have relaxing music for kids especially for those parents who are struggling to let their child fall asleep.

Use the magnificent feature of VideoPower YELLOW to save these kinds of music. This software has methods like copy and pasting URLs so that you can easily download your music on different music streaming sites. It also has a recording function for you to use in case you cannot download the music you wanted to download.

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