youtube, Singapore music mp3 download Singapore’s music reflects the country’s multicultural and multi-ethnic influences that have shaped it over time. Their songs range from pop to folk and classical. They did not only focus on their own music but they were inspired by their neighboring countries. Singapore’s music is prospering, to say the least. The different forms of music that the people listen to represent the diversity of its culture, with each cultural group having its own preferences. One thing their government pays a lot of attention to is to develop their young citizens to be holistically developed by imparting teaching musical education.

You may see their music on different music streaming sites like Deezer, Spotify, Youtube, and many more. If you’re interested to hear their music, better have it on your list now. Since the above mention sites restricted their music and has a lot of ads popping, better have an alternative way to do this. Do the Singapore music mp3 download or Singapore music mp3 download free using a third-party tool like the VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS.

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Using the free trial version of the software, you will be able to download and record any Singaporean music for up to one minute. Lifting its limitation is a must to download and record continuously.

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With the VideoPower YELLOW  (will jump to application, downloading your Singaporean music is very simple since the steps on this tool are very easy to use. This tool will also help you to record any music on different music streaming sites. The has a lot of good features that will make you smile in saving your music. You can also download your music right away to mp3 format without the use of any conversion tool. Amazing, right?

Method 1: Download Singaporean Music

Step 1: Copy Music’s URL

Launch to any music streaming site you want. For this tutorial, we will hop on to the Youtube site. Then, use its search engine to look for any music from Singapore. Once you found it, click the video and copy its URL at the top address bar.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 2: Paste The Copied Music URL

Simply open the software then click the “Download” button. Then hit the “Video to MP3 Converter” button to ensure your music will be downloaded in an mp3 format.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Then, a new window will appear. Paste inside the URL box the link that you copied a while ago. Then once done and ready to download, click the “Add to Download” button.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 3: Downloading Music

The music is in a queue. Wait for a few minutes to have it downloaded completely. Click the “Downloading” button to see the progress of your music.

PNC Music Pavillion, music download

Step 4: Music Download is Completed

After a few minutes of waiting, the music you downloaded is now completed. Simply click the “Completed” tab to see your downloads. Right-click the file if you want to see more options available.

PNC Music Pavillion, download complete

Method 2: Recording- Alternative

Step 1: Choose Music to Record

Launch the Youtube site and search “Singapore Music” on their search engine. A list of Singaporean music will then display. Click your desired music to be recorded.

PNC Music Pavillion, set recording format

Step 2: Set Sound Source

To ensure the audio of the music will be recorded, set its format first before you begin. To do this, just click the “record” tab then click the “Audio Source” and select the “System Sound” format.

PNC Music Pavillion, set system sound

Step 3: Select Format

Select the format you want to use for recording that is compatible with your device. Just click the “Record” menu and click the “Format” at the right-bottom of the software. A list of formats will then be displayed.

PNC Music Pavillion, set system sound

Step 4: Start Recording

To begin recording, just click the “Record” button of the software and head back to the music you prepared. Click the “Play” button of the music to begin recording.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

Return to the software and click the “STop” button once the recording is finished. You may also click the “Pause” button if necessary.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

Step 5: Recording is Completed

Once you hit the “Stop” button of the software, the music will be stored immediately under the “Library” section. You can double-click the recorded music to play it or right-click the file to see more options available.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording


Hearing Singaporean music is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially for students, as it will aid in your holistic development. And since they offer different genres, it is indeed suited to your taste. Hurry and save their music on your list now.

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