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Vevo is the world’s largest music video provider that will satisfy your needs in terms of music. They also work with up-and-coming musicians, giving them a global platform on which to locate and expand their fan base. They have 450 thousand music videos to watch, 26 Billion views per month, and 1.1 Billion hours viewed per month. This site allows you to choose your preferred apps and devices such as firetv, youtube, and many more.

Some countries don’t have access to Vevo download functions due to the country’s restrictions. That is why for these restricted countries, you need a powerful third-party Vevo downloader tool to easily do the Vevo video download. By this, it will lessen your worries when it comes to downloading music videos.

Download and record VEVO music by downloading the free trial version of the ZEUS Series down below!
The free trial version is limited to downloading one video/audio at a time and can record up to 3 minutes. For downloading multiple videos at once and unlimited recording duration, please upgrade to the full version

*The functions introduced in this article are available in ZEUS BUNDLE, ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, ZEUS DOWNLOAD, ZEUS DOWNLOAD LITE ZEUS RECORD and ZEUS RECORD LITE. *

ZEUS Series for Windows Free Download

ZEUS Series was made for those people who are struggling to download their songs. This software gives numerous options for downloading, providing the most efficient and hassle-free technique in only a few clicks.

Method 1: Copy and Paste the Vevo Video Downloader for Android URL

Step 1: Copy the URL of Vevo Youtube Downloader Free

Launch to Youtube website and on its search engine, type your favorite music you want to download. Highlight the URL to copy.
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Step 2: Paste the Vevo Video Downloader for PC in the Software

Click the “Paste URL” button under the “Download” tab to paste the copied video URL. After that, the video will be processed for download. You may see its progress under the “Downloading” tab.

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Step 3: Vevo Music Video is Successfully Downloaded

Under the “Completed” section, you can see all your downloaded files. Also, when you right-click the video file, you may see a list of options allowing you to choose what you’re going to do with your file.
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Method 2: Do the Screen Recording for your Vevo Music Downloader

Step 1: Pick your chosen Recording Format

To easily record your video, see to it that you set first the correct proper format before you proceed with recording. To be able to do this, click the “Settings” icon of the software. A list of dropdown choices will appear then click “Settings”.
reccording, youtube, zeus

After it, there will be a window that will show up allowing you to make changes to your desired recording format. Click the “Record” menu, then under the “Advanced Settings” click the “Advanced Video” tab.
reccording, youtube, zeus

You will then be sent to another window to set the recording codec format. Set the “Codec” format to “MPEG4” then click the “OK” button to save the changes.
reccording, youtube, zeus

Step 2: Set the Recording Area of your Vevo Video

To start with the recording, click the “Record” button of the ZEUS Series then click the Record Dropdown” button to choose the area you want to record. Once you choose it, you will be asked to get ready to record your video and a countdown will commence.

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Step 3: Vevo Music Recording

After the three-second countdown, a tiny box will display on your screen where you can choose to “play or stop” your recording.
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Step 4: VEVO Record Complete

Your recorded music video file will be saved directly on your recorded list. When you right-click the video file, you will see more options for the file. Click the “Open Folder” tab to check for your file and enjoy watching.
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Vevo is the finest option to utilize if you’re looking for a free streaming platform with no upgrades or subscription plans. All of the content is available for free and includes a large number of music videos. It is a well-designed and fluid interface that provides the greatest possible streaming experience for customers.

ZEUS Series is one of the greatest Vevo downloaders available today, with advanced systems like copy and paste URLs and screen recording that make it easy to download music videos. Aside from that, this software can be downloaded from over 1000 anime sites or use its many additional capabilities, such as music download, voice recording, and so on.

*The functions introduced in this article are available in ZEUS BUNDLE, ZEUS BUNDLE LITE, ZEUS DOWNLOAD, ZEUS DOWNLOAD LITE ZEUS RECORD and ZEUS RECORD LITE. *