youtube, Vintage Songs Download As what we always say, “Old songs never get old”. No matter what century we are in, there’s just something about old songs that never gets out of style. Even younger generations could relate and would make them groove. Some even prefer old songs than modern ones. Even how grumpy our parents are, they’ll instantly get that smile whenever they hear the music in their youth. It’s just a fresh way to reminisce about the good old times.

Get yourself a solid vintage music selection and get ready to move! Don’t worry, we’ll find a decent and free vintage song for you to download! AES YouTube Channel simply has the best vintage music collection for you to stream. The “Vintage Songs || my mom still listen to till this day” even trends on YouTube. For an easier way to do Vintage songs download, using VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS is very helpful.

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VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to is an amazing tool that allows the latest music hits 2021 download from YouTube. Through its copy and paste URL function, you can easily download a YouTube playlist to MP3. Aside from the said function, it is also built with a batch downloader tool where you can paste multiple URLs to download at once. So much for making the downloads easier, right?

Method1: Video to Audio Conversion

Step 1: Copy Vintage Song’s URL

Open your web browser, go to YouTube and search for Vintage Songs to download. Once found, open it and copy the URL from the top address bar.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 2: Paste the copied URL

Navigate to the “Download” menu and click the “Video to MP3 converter”. A pop-up box will appear. Paste the URL under the “URL” field, set the format in “MP3” and the quality you preferred.

PNC Music Pavillion, paste URL

Step 3: Check the Downloading Process

The music will then be added to “Downloading”. You can watch the downloading progress under the “Download” tab.

PNC Music Pavillion, music download

Step 4: Check the Downloaded Music

After the downloading process is complete, go to the “Completed” tab to check the downloaded Vintage Songs music. Right-click the video file to see more options.

PNC Music Pavillion, download complete

Method2: Music Recording

Step1: Set Sound Input

Launch VideoPower YELLOW and go to the “Record” menu screen. At the bottom, click the “Audio Source” icon and select “System Sound” to avoid external noises from your microphone.

PNC Music Pavillion, set recording format

Step2: Set Output Format

Besides the “Sound Source” icon is the “Format” icon. Click it and select “MP3” from the option list.

PNC Music Pavillion, set system sound

Step3: Click Record

If settings are modified, you can now start your recording. Under the “Record” menu screen, click the “Record” button to start recording.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

Step4: Open and Play the Music to Record

Open the Vintage Songs music to play and have it recorded. Go back to the software to click “Pause if necessary or click “Stop” to end the recording.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

Step5: Manage the Recorded Music

Once the recording is completed, the software will try to identify the music recorded. Once recognized, ID3 tags will automatically be added including the cover art, title, etc., and rename the recorded music according to its original track title.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording

All recorded music is automatically added under the “Library” menu screen. You can manage the recorded file by right-clicking it to see more options.

PNC Music Pavillion, complete recording


LIstening to vintage songs is another great way to welcome a new year. Let’s reminisce old good memories and welcome a new year with a bright smile! Get your vintage music collections now and put the volume up!

You can download vintage songs from YouTube to MP3 using VideoPower YELLOW. A handy tool that does the work for you. Aside from YouTube, it can also download and record from more than 1000+ online streaming sites. You can also use its added functions such as the converter tool, built-in video editor, online radio, text-to-audio tool, and many more.

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