youtube, youtube Christmas music download For Christians, Christmas is the most anticipated time of the year. It is the time to reconnect with family members, to forgive and forget about the events of the previous months. Our Almighty God is said to have been born on this planet at this time. That is why this annual event is celebrated by people all around the world.

Despite the fact that not everyone will be able to have a lavish Christmas, they nonetheless honor the birth of the Saviour, Jesus Christ. Most of the people are attending the mass, have a feast, sing praises, and worship songs to commemorate this event. Some of them are already saving their Christmas songs on their devices.

So, if you don’t have yet your playlist, now’s the time to do a Youtube Christmas music download. Searching on the Youtube site, you can see a list of free Christmas music downloads youtube. If you want to search for a non-stop Christmas song, then, they also have it. To save it directly to your device, you must have a powerful tool to help you. You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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With the use of the free trial version of the software, it will let you download any Christmas song. You may also record your favorite song for up to one minute. Click the link below to try the software. Upgrade it to the full to continue downloading and recording.

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Downloading and recording any kind of music is possible in VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to This software is the best for downloading and recording Christmas songs. It can let you grab your favorite Christmas music in just a minute excluding the advertisements on the site. Amazing, right?

Method 1: Download Christmas Music

Step 1: Copy the URL

Head over to the Youtube site and search for the non-stop Christmas Songs you want to download. Then, at the top address bar, highlight the URL and copy.

youtube Christmas music download, copy URL

Step 2: Paste the Copied URL to Download

To download, launch VideoPower YELLOW software then click the “Download” button. Once you click it, click right-away the “Video to MP3 Converter” icon at the right-top of the software.

youtube Christmas music download, paste URL

A new window will appear on your screen, similar to the one seen below. Put the copied URL inside the URL box, then once done, click the “Add to Download” button to begin downloading your music to mp3.

youtube Christmas music download, add to download

Step 3: Christmas Song is on Queue

The file will be redirected under the “Downloading” tab of the software. Wait for a few minutes to download your music completely.

youtube Christmas music download, downloading

Step 4: Completed

Once your music is completed, click immediately the “Completed” tab. You will see your downloaded music in this section. Right-click the downloaded file to see more options available you want to use in your file.

youtube Christmas music download, download complete

Method 2: Music Recording

Step 1: Prepare Music

Open the Youtube site then use its search engine to search for “Christmas Music Non-Stop”, choose and click the music file you want to use for recording.

youtube Christmas music download, prepare music

Step 2: Select Suitable Recording Format

See to it that before you proceed to record, you already set the recording format you want to use to ensure smooth recording. To do this, open the software then click the “Record” button. Click immediately the “Format” button at the right-bottom of the software. You may choose the recording format offered by the software.

youtube Christmas music download, set recording format

Step 3: Start to Record Christmas Music

For recording, please click the “Record” button of the software. Then head back to the Youtube site and click the “Play” button of the music you prepared. The recording will then begin.

Note: You will see a musical note around the microphone that indicates the recording has begun.

youtube Christmas music download, start recording

To pause or stop the recording, just return to the software and click the “Pause or Stop” button.

youtube Christmas music download, stop recording

Step 4: Recording Christmas Music is Complete

Once you hit the “Stop” button of the software, it will automatically be saved in your recording list. Click the “Library” menu of the software to see your recorded files. Right-click the file to see more options.

youtube Christmas music download, recording complete


Christmas is definitely a season for many things. Listening to Christmas music can make you feel better. People all over the world will share their love, joy, peace, and fulfillment with the essence of Christmas. Now’s your time to do the Youtube Christmas music download to brighten up your day and feel the Christmas.

Let the VideoPower YELLOW help you grab your Christmas music for this year. Use its plausible features to easily save and download your Christmas music right away. This tool has an ID3 Tag Identifier wherein the tool will extract the music’s information once it is identified. It will rename the music you downloaded or recorded according to its original track. You may also download on different music streaming sites like Deezer, Gaana, Spotify, SoundCloud, and many more.

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