Bigbang Still LifeYG Entertainment formed BIGBANG, a South Korean boy band consisting of. G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung. Seungri, formerly the fifth member of the band, left the entertainment industry in March 2019. They were dubbed the “Kings of K-pop” and are regarded as one of the most influential artists in the Korean music industry. They’re known for their avant-garde musical experimentation, self-production, and charisma on stage. However, with life as it is, it was inevitable that most well-known K-Pop boy bands such as themselves would take a break or be on hiatus. Their planned comeback was especially delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just recently though BIGBANG released a new album single for their long-awaited comeback (available to play on YouTube), BIGBANG – ‘봄여름가을겨울 (Still Life)’ M/V. It got the number one spot for trending on YouTube! Such great news indeed. With that, you can download BIGBANG Still Life, Korea’s latest single to top its music chart hits with VideoPower YELLOW right now!

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Watch BIGBANG’s Still Life MV!

Method 1: Download BIGBANG Still Life to MP3

Step 1: Copy URL of Video from PC Browser

Using your computer Browser, open the BIGBANG – Still Life music video from YouTube and copy its URL from the address bar.
download bigbang still life, still life bigbang music video

Step 2: Click “Video to MP3 Converter”

Launch VideoPower YELLOW and go to the “Download” menu screen. At the top right, click the “Video to MP3 Converter” option to extract video to mp3.
download bigbang still life, videopower yellow converter video to mp3

Step 3: Paste the URL & Set Output Format

Paste the URL on the address bar, it will automatically detect the source of the online video. Set your output format to “MP3”.
download bigbang still life, set output format

Step 4: Start Downloading!

For high-quality music downloads, set your quality format to “High”.
Once satisfied, click “Add to Download” to start downloading the music.
download bigbang still life, set quality format

Step 5: Download in Progress

Once settled, your music should be in the process of downloading. Wait for it to finish downloading.
downloading music, videopower yellow mp3 downloader

Step 6: Finished Downloading

Once your music finished downloading, you can locate it under the “Completed” tab. Manage your file by playing the music or right-clicking for more options.
downloading music, finished downloading mp3

Method 2: Music Recording

Step 1: Prepare to Record Music

Using the browser on your computer,  prepare the BIGBANG – Still Life music video from YouTube.
recording music, prepare music to record

Step 2: Select Sound Input & Output Format

Open VideoPower YELLOW to go to the “Record” menu. Click the “Audio Source” icon and select “System Sound” at the bottom.
recording music, set sound input

Click the “Format” icon that’s beside the “Audio Source” icon to select “MP3”.
recording music, set output format

Step 3: Start Recording!

Once you change your recording mode, you can start your recording by clicking the “Record” button.
recording music, click record

Step 4: Play Video to Record Music

Go back to the BIGBANG – Still Life music video to click the “Play” button for it to be recorded.
recording music, play music to record

Head back to VideoPower YELLOW afterward. When you see music notes floating as the music plays, that is when the recording is in progress. Click “Pause” if needed or click “Stop” to end the recording.
recording music, play music to record

Step 5: Manage Your Recorded Music

The recorded music is added under the “Library” menu once the recording is done. The ID3 tag Identifier will also be automatically in effect as it identifies your audio immediately. You can manage the recorded file by double-clicking to play or right-clicking to see more options.
recording music, recording complete


BIGBANG’s digital song “Still Life” received a certified all-kill on April 10, becoming the first male artist to do so in 2022. Since its debut on April 5, the song has dominated the Korean real-time music charts, as well as international music charts throughout the world. Being one of the most well-known K-Pop boy groups around the world, this is a great achievement, especially with their prolonged unplanned hiatus. No wonder this song became one of the most downloaded songs of 2022!

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