NRJ, download NRJ There are millions of music we can stream online on different music sites like Youtube, Deezer, Gaana, Spotify, Apple Music, and many more. Most music lovers want to download their song and stream it for offline playback. There are also people who want to listen to the radio stations. One of the most trendy radio stations worldwide is NRJ Radio. NRJ is a French Radio Station that is very popular in France. It was created by Jean-Paul Baudecroux and Max Guazzini in 1981. This radio station is the founding station of NRJ International.

The station focuses on giving electronic dance music during some weekend late-night hours. It is also devoted to a vast range of music like rap, RnB, dance, hip-hop, electronic, top 40, urban, and rock. They have 6,159,000 active listeners every day that really made them become popular worldwide. So to see for yourself why they are very famous, listen to one of the songs with the use of an alternative tool. You can try to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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You can use the free trial version of VideoPower YELLOW so that you can record your song for up to one minute. An upgraded version is in need when you want to download continuously.

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Since NRJ is a radio station, you cannot download the music they are airing. Instead, there is a great way to still put their tracks on your list. VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to is a tool that has a recording function to record the music playing on your PC. It will help you do the alternative recording to download NRJ music or NRJ download for PC.

How to Record from NRJ?

Step 1: Select the Recording Format

Using your PC browser, go to the site of NRJ music and prepare the music you want for recording. You will have to choose the genre you like Pop, Oldies, and Rock. Once set, open the software and click the “Record” button. Click immediately the “Format” button to set the recording format you desire.

download NRJ, set recording format

Step 2: Set Sound Source for Recording

Set the sound source to system sound to ensure no background noises will be recorded. To do this, open the software and click the “Record” tab. Click the “Audio Source” and select the “System Sound” icon. By this, only the music playing on your screen will be recorded.

download NRJ, set system sound

Step 3: Initiate Recording

The software is now ready to record once everything has been set up. Click the “Record” button of the software then go back to the music you prepare. Hit the “Play” button of the song then the software will then record it.

download NRJ, start recording

Once the recording ends, just head back to the software then click the “Stop” button. You may also pause your recording if it is necessary.

download NRJ, stop recording

Step 4: Tune in to NRJ Music you’ve Recorded

The music you recorded will then be saved under the “Library” section of the software. You can check all the recordings in this section. You may right-click the file to see more options like Play, Add to Playlist, Search, and many more.

download NRJ, complete recording


The music on NRJ Radio is so good that you want to sing with the other listeners. It will also enlighten your mood while listening to it. You can testify that their strategies are quite good since they have a bunch of listeners every day.

Download NRJ music now with the use of a third-party tool- VideoPower YELLOW. This tool will help you download NRJ 2021 hits and NRJ download music. It also has an ID3 Tag Identifier wherein the music you downloaded or recorded will be automatically renamed to its original track once the software recognizes it.

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