tamilhood, download start music There are many TV shows that are very famous in South Korea. One of them is Music Bank. Music Bank is a music TV program that airs every Friday at 17:00 KST on KBS2. You can watch its free live streaming on their Twitter page KBSMusicBank. This music program will allow K-pop fans to vote for or stream their favorite artists in order for them to win the competition. Purchasing also the albums of their idols will help the artists to win the said music program. For now, Music Bank new MC 2021 and Music Bank Host are Jang Won-Yang and Park Sung-hoon. Streaming to this site will make you feel nervous as well as excited about who will be the winner for the week. Using this TV music program K-pop fans can show their love and support to their idols.

Since this site only airs every Friday, and most people cannot watch it live, you should use an alternative way for you to keep updated on what is happening in the music industry of your idols. You can enjoy their music through Twitter, and you can even record its music.

You can try to to use VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS as downloading tools.

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It has a free trial version that will allow you to record and download any Music Bank you want for up to one-minute intervals. Lift its limitation for simultaneous downloading.

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Videopower YELLOW (will jump to videopower.me) is a third-party tool that will help you record the music on Music Bank. It is a tool where you can record the music from Music Bank without losing its quality. No need also to worry about the background noises because the recording function of this tool will only record the music that is playing on your computer. Amazing right?

Record Music Bank Video

Step 1: Choose Recording Format

Open the software and click the “Record” format. On the bottom left of the software, click the “Format” button and choose whatever format you want for recording.

Music Bank, set recording format

Step 2: Record Music Bank Video

After you set the recording format, you can now record the Music Bank video you want to record. To do this, click the “Record” button of the software then go to the official twitter site of the Music Bank and tap the “Play” button of the video. The software will then record the music coming from your computer.

Music Bank, click play button to begin recording

Once the video has finished recording, go to the software and select the “Stop” button.

Music Bank, stop recording

Step 3: Ready to Listen Your Music Offline

Once done, it will be stored in your “Library” section. The software will then extract the music’s information and immediately rename the recording according to its original track. Right-click the file to see more options.

Music Bank, complete recording


If you are a K-pop fan, Music Bank is very familiar to you. With the use of this music program, K-pop lovers/fans can show their support to their idols even during this time of the pandemic. Though there are many music programs aired in South Korea, many say that Music Bank is the best music program.

So, to get updated to the trend, download and record any Music Bank videos and music you like. With the help of Videopower YELLOW, you can make a way to grab the music that you like in Music Bank. Thanks to this tool, everything is possible to make your own playlist. Try to explore this software and it will surely not disappoint you.

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