NME, Record NME Music New Musical Express or popularly known as NME is a British indie and pop music magazine that brings you the latest music, news, videos, reviews, and also features popular artists from Asia and other countries.

NME offers a wide range of categories you can explore such as News, movies, music, TV, gaming, shops, etc. If downloading music from NME is your top priority, then it’s impossible without a third-party tool like VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS BUNDLE because it has no download options. Another great way to get the tracks is to record NME music.

You can get the free trial version of this NME recorder by clicking the link below.
By using the NME recorder’s free version, you can record with 1-minute limitation.
You can remove the recording limitations by upgrading to the full version.

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ZEUS for Windows Free Download

Often where VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to videopower.me) will back you up. This is a versatile download of music and recorder software with a lifetime membership. With its unique functions, you can easily control music recording using a built-in ID3 tag identifier function for an easy-to-use organization of your playlists.

3 Steps To Grab And Record NME Music

Step 1: Select The Correct Format To Record NME Music

Open the NME music recorder tool and select the “Record” menu. On the right side of the software, you will see the “Format” button. Click the said button to see all available audio formats. Choose the correct format for your music recording.

Record NME Music, choose recording mode

Step 2: Start Recording NME music

To start recording, go to the “Record” menu to find the control panel below. Click the select “Record” button to start recording NME music.

grab song, play the music

Then head to the NME website with your music and play it. NME music playing is software recorded. To finish the recording, simply return to the software and click the “Stop” button.

Record NME Music, start recording

Step 3: Listen To The NME Song Recorded

After the recording is performed, the recorded files will be added to your “library”. If the software recognizes the music, the recorded file name will be replaced according to the original music title. Right-click audio and select options such as play, enhance playlist, edit, convert, ID3 tag editor, burn to CD, and more.”

grab song, play recorded music


NME focuses on contemporary music and pop culture. It keeps consumers up to date with the latest music news and popular trends. Since NME music does not currently have the download option, it is more convenient to record it for offline playback.

It is highly recommended to use VideoPower YELLOW if you are looking to record NME music. It has a search engine tool, so you can easily find your favorite music. Its recording allows you to select the format of your preference. Also, you can download audiobooks from YouTube or download music from VK, Raaga, Beatport, etc. Moreover, software functions are not limited to download and recording, but can also do more through additional functions such as CD burners, editors and converters.

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