RTL, Record Radio from RTL RTL was formerly known as Radio Luxemburg and is owned by the RTL team. In 1966, it was renamed “RTL” an acronym for Radio Télévision Luxembourg. This website is a French commercial radio network and contains news, music, radio, podcasts, and broadcasting nationwide. All of its contents can be freely accessed by users. It has a wide selection of radios and podcasts and you can listen to replays.

For smooth streaming online, a good internet connection is required. So, RTL audio cannot be downloaded. So for instances like a slow internet connection, you need to record radio from RTL with VideoPower YELLOW or ZEUS for offline playback. Now, how to record Podcast from RTL?

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One of the best RTL recording tool available today is VideoPower YELLOW (will jump to videopower.me). It offers advanced music recording tools that automatically save all recordings in audio format for easy music sharing across a variety of devices. Another great function it has is ID3 tags that automatically detect the original song recording title. ID3 tags are very useful for easy music organization with your playlists. For specific browsing of your favorite music, you can also use its music search engine.

How To Record Radio From RTL

Step 1: Set The Preferred Output Format To Record Radio From RTL

Before you jump into music recording, make sure the appropriate output recording format is set. To do this, head to the “Record” menu and click the “Format” button. Then select your preferred audio output format from the drop-down list options.

Record Radio from RTL, choose recording mode

Step 2: Start Recording The Radio From RTL

In your PC browser, prepare your preferred RTL music for recording.

To start recording, press the “Record” button and play RTL music in your browser. Press the record again if you want to stop it.

Record Radio from RTL, play the music

Step 3: RTL Music Recording Completed

After recording is complete, the recorded files will be automatically added to your “library”. The software will automatically try to identify the music recorded and rename the file to the original music title track. Right-click the recorded RTL music to see other options like play, add to playlist, edit, convert, ID3 tag editor, burn to CD, etc.

grab song, play recorded music


RTL is a recommended go-to website, especially if you want to listen to the news and want to know the latest developments in your area. You can listen freely online and easily access all content. However, offline listening is not as simple as online listening as it requires a good internet connection. So for instances like a slow internet connection or running out of data, you need to record radio from RTL for offline music streaming.

For RTL recording on MP3, VideoPower YELLOW is definitely one of the best music recordings on the internet. Its recording allows you to select the format you want. With its own music search engine functionality, you can easily browse and find your favorite music. Digging deeper into the software, you can find many useful added functions that users can enjoy in the fullest such as CD burners, editors, and converters.

ZEUS series can do everything that VideoPower YELLOW can do and more, the interface is almost the same.
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